T'Neck Challenge: Complete!

I'm happy to say I am NOT wearing a turtleneck today! And I didn't wear one yesterday either.  That's right, folks; this past Monday was the day I ran out of my beloved turtlenecks. I have officially updated my turtleneck pictures for the last time.  As I scrolled through the pictures for a good look at my collection, few things jumped out to me that you may have noticed too.  Like, for example, the fact that on days four, five, and six, I'm wearing the exact same turtleneck, just in different colors.  Same story goes for days eleven, twelve, and thirteen.  I guess when I find a turtleneck I like, I go ahead and stock up (and then wear them back to back to back).  You may have also noticed that there are at least two solid black, two solid brown, and two solid cream turtlenecks.  A girl can't have too many of the basics.  Oh, and the pageant hair?  Yea, that's a result of these pictures being taken RIGHT after I took the rollers out of my hair each day.  Don't worry, it doesn't stay that way for long.

I piled my turtlenecks up as I wore them because I didn't want to accidentally wear one twice.  I'm so glad all of these can be put away now and will no longer be hanging out on the floor of my closet!

So how many days did I make it?  The answer is....29.  Twenty-nine days of wearing turtlenecks.   Phew!  I happen to know that I have two more under the tree (because I wrapped them myselft) so with that in mind, it's safe to say I can go a whole month wearing just turtlenecks.  Surely not many people can say that. 

I wonder who won the contest...let's take a look at the comments:

Patricia:  My pick is 42. MEW: 54 Poppa: 34 Emily:  I say you can go....hmmmm...42 days. Emily:  Ah! Someone else said 42.  Okay, I say 44 then. Mom:  I'm going to say 38. Kim:  I'm going with 29. Allison:  I think  you've got 31. Jenny:  25 - it's Christmas-y. Jillybean:  37 Beth:  29

Go figure it's the number that two people chose!!   (By the way, you guys had some serious faith in my collection.)

So, about that totally awesome prize I promised....  I intended to make something fun and awesome to give away, but time just got away from me.  So last week I decided the prize would be a cute new turtleneck for the winner to call their own.  That's fitting, right?  So, Beth, expect a turtleneck to be coming your way soon!  And Kim, since you're a turtleneck-aphobe, I guess I'll get you a cute turtleneck-less shirt.  Just let me know what size.

Congrats, winners!  And thanks everyone for playing along.  Don't freak out the next time you see me and my neck is exposed.