Christmas Eve Breakfast

Is anyone still out there reading this?  Did everyone survive the holidays?  I bet most of you are still sleeping in, lounging around, and enjoying your Christmas break.  Unfortunately, Doc and I had to return to the real world today. So much has happened since the last time I wrote!  It's hard to know where to start.  But, I guess it's best to start at the beginning, right?

For the first time in my career life, I didn't have to work on Christmas Eve this year.  Doc didn't have to, either.  To celebrate, we decided to have some of our friends over for breakfast before all going our separate ways for the holiday.

First to arrive?  The newlywed Earls!

Right behind them were the Cooks.

Earlier in the week, Jenny, Allison, and I visited the Nail Bar to have our nails shellacked.  We were all festive for the holidays!

The Washburns brought their sweet little elf, Wesley.

Like a good elf, she got right to work.

She concentrated hard on getting those corks arranged just the right way.

This good little elf only stopped working for bites of muffins...

...and the occasional chit-chat with Minnie.

While Wesley the elf worked, the rest of us enjoyed a nice breakfast.  Here are the Weatherfords in between bites.

I think Kendra and Antonio win the award for being the most festive.  Antonio even had a green hat to go with his red shirt.

Allison and I ate our breakfast in the living room.

It wasn't long before the little elf joined us for some peekaboo.

Everyone else got jealous and started fighting for her attention.  Jenny tried to wrap her up in her scarf.

Chris got on the ground and lured her in with toy cars.

Minnie tried to win her over with wet, sloppy kisses.

But in the end, it's her momma and daddy that she loves the most.

Probably because she feels right at home with them.

Doc and I are so lucky to have such great friends.  We loved having them over; it was a great morning and the best start to the Christmas holiday!

Even if hosting did wear us all out.