I Have Awesome Friends

One morning last week - I can't remember exactly which day - I arrived to work to find a fun little surprise on my desk.  I looked around in my neighbors' cubes but they didn't have a surprise sitting on their desks.  Weird, I thought, wonder who this is from? Which colleague of ours is giving gifts to just me?  It was like a little fairy had visited during the night.  I finally looked under the surprise and found a card.  Inside the card read "Enjoy this little winter wonderland for your office! - Allison"  Aha! A surprise from my bestest neighbor friend!  (I'm pretty sure I know who was sneakin' around in my cubicle...)  And it's a super cute surprise, too; one that she made herself.  Just check out my little winter wonderland:

A gumdrop scene in some sugary snow! Clever and cute, right? And look at all the details!  It looks like she used sprinkles for the faces and other details.  I'm pretty sure she cut the star on top of the Christmas tree out of a yellow gumdrop.  Now that's talent!  She even used an orange sprinkle for the snowman's nose and made him a hat out of a purple gumdrop.  She's a crafty one, that Allison

Now let me tell you about another awesome friend.  Last night was our bunco group's Christmas party.  We drew names last month and all brought a gift for whomever we drew.  I got to be the first person to open a gift and HOLY COW I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I WAS WHEN I SAW MY GIFT!  Seriously, all caps doesn't even come close to showing my true excitement.  I have been saying for two years now how I think it would be SO FUN to have Christmas bedding.  Who wouldn't love getting to change their bedroom up for one month during the year? Plus, it would provide a great time to take your real bedding (comforter) to the dry cleaners to get cleaned. (Ours desperately needs a cleaning.)  So I've been talking about it for a while, but I've never pulled the trigger.  My awesome friend Mary Elizabeth drew my name for the gift exchange and she actually remembered me talking about Christmas bedding and so she bought me the cutest holiday sheets I've ever seen!!! Can you feel my excitement?!?!

Don't you love them?? I do.  I was so excited when I got home that I didn't even bother washing them, I just put them straight on the bed.  They look fine with the comforter we have but I think this might just be the jumpstart I needed to get the ball rolling on complete holiday bedding.  Should I get a red or green comforter?? (You're right, whatever's on sale will be great.)  I rushed to get the bed made up with the new linens before Doc got home.  I had the Miss Winfrey tree lit up, the balcony lights were shining through the window, and the iPod was playing my Christmas playlist.  I just stood and basked in my bedroom's magical Christmas glory until he got home. 

I love it! Isn't this just the most wonderful time of year??

Disclaimer: All of my friends are awesome for reasons that don't involve them giving me gifts.  They're sweet and funny and thoughtful and good listeners and blah, blah, blah, but today I really wanted to talk about these awesome gifts and it's my blog, so there.