Tiny Talkers

Who is ready for another installment of Tiny Talkers?  I wish I could just keep a recorder on Katie Wynn all the time as she says some of the funniest things!  They aren't always a funny phrase, just funny timing or tone of voice.  She is also quite the parrot; she repeats anything I say, especially when I'm talking to Thomas.  That boy is going to grow up thinking he has two mamas!

Here are some of the words she mispronounces but that we have figured out what she means.

billow - video

vegables - vegetables

applepine - pineapple

glubs - gloves

amimals - animals

drop eyes - eye drops

blade - braid

wipe - white

gwink - drink

mackinroni - macaroni or mac-n-cheese

And here are some memorable conversations or one-liners.

After me showing her Poppy's newly tiled shower - 
KW: Oh, how neat for him!

I walked into the bathroom and closed the door (we're working on privacy).  She immediately opened the door and stuck her head in...
KW: You ok in d'ere, Mama?

We have talked about "goopy" eyes several times when she and Thomas have been sick.  Lolli is a maltipoo so she always has watery eyes and tear stain.  
KW: Holly have goofy eyes!  Holly have goofy eyes!  She need drop eyes!

After Charlie (the dog) ate a paci - 
KW: Charlie need spankin'.  He bad boy.

She can often be overheard saying these things to Thomas - 
KW: You ok, Thomas.  You ok.
KW: Don't cwy Thomas.  I wight here.
KW: It ok, Thomas.  Mama be wight back.

After Matt sings one word of a song - 
KW: Don't sing, Daddy.

To Poppy, as he tried to pull her into his lap - 
KW: I can't sit down, I poopy.

In reference to what hangs over each of their cribs (hers here, his here) - 
KW: I have letters, Thomath have goldfish.

When she wants someone to play with - 
KW: Thomas a big boy!
When she doesn't want to share - 
KW: Thomas a baby; he too little.

When Thomas gets picked up by one of us for some reason - 
KW: No!  I want Thomas crawl! 

If Thomas accidentally "hurts" her while playing - 
KW: Thomas need say he sowwy!

Her response to pretty much anything I say ("Let's get dressed!" "Time for a bath!" "Your dinner's ready!") - 
KW: Two more minutes!

Anytime she has my cellphone, she scrolls through the photo album and mutters to herself the name of every person (or thing) in every picture - 
KW: thomas-thomas-thomas-katie wynn and thomas-katie wynn-katie wynn-shirt-shirt-shirt-shirt-shirt-thomas-daddy thomas-daddy thomas-katie wynn-holly-shirt-shirt-thomas-thomas-thomas-katie wynn-katie wynn-thomas-katie wynn and thomas-shirt-shirt-thomas...
And so on!

Mimi: Do you have on shoo-shoo pants?
KW: I tryin'!

Lately, she has wanted to "blade" my hair at night while we read stories.  I really wish I could record the things she says as she brushes it and pulls it back into a ponytail. She obviously hears what I say to her!  I hear things like...
KW: You got tangles.
KW: 'tay 'till.  (Stay still.)
KW: You want Anna blade?
KW: I cuhl (curl) you hair.  Don't touch it, it hot.  Let it cool.
KW: Now you so pitty (pretty), Mama.
One night I let her watch me french braid my hair and she responded with - 
KW: Ooh wee!  Good job, Mama, doo'n it you-self!

Matt: Thomas is my son.
KW: No, Thomath my son, he you bruddah. (brother)

After stealing a toy away from Thomas - 
Me: Did you just take that away from him?
KW: He sharin'.

She can also somewhat count (often skipping numbers) and recite her nighttime prayer.  She can sing her meal time prayer and also Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, High High, This Little Light of Mine, and sort of her ABCs.  Oh, and the birthday song - we sing that one a lot!

We love hearing all of these new words, even if it does mean she sometimes uses them to be bossy!  Of all the words she uses, we encourage please, thank you, sorry, and I love you the most.  If we can get those in regular rotation, surely she'll turn out ok.  :)

Tiny Talkers

Time for another installment of Tiny Talkers, formerly known as Chit-Chats.  I am amazed, amazed I tell ya, at how much Katie Wynn's vocabulary has grown.  She is saying so much these days and talking about things that I don't even know she knew about!  I can't even keep up with it all, but here are some of my favorites that I can recall...

Manket - Blanket

Ban-bay - Bandaid

Nakkin - Napkin

Kooky - Cookie

Cannie - Candy

Boorgars - Boogers

Joos (rhymes with shoes) - Juice

WHO RAY! - Hooray!  Technically pronounced correctly, just as two words instead of one. 

Chaw-kit Milk - Chocolate Milk

See-bites - Cereal bites, a daycare term for dry cereal.

No-nuts - Donuts

Fwaffles - Waffles

'Roni - Either macaroni or beefaroni

Kay-win - She finally knows how to respond to "What's your name?"  Of course, you have to actually know her name to understand what she's saying, but still...

Mines - Mine.  I'm not sure why this is plural all of a sudden.

Vegables - Vegetables

Med-thin - Medicine

What Mama doing? - What are you doing, Mama?

Wock me, Mama! - Rock me, Mama.  Usually said at night time when she's stalling going to sleep.

Happy know it, happy know it - Sing If You're Happy And You Know It.

I poopy! - Usually means she has on a wet diaper.

Show me! - This means she wants you to hold her up at the fridge and let her open the doors (she has to open them) and let her look inside to pick her own snack.

I watch Thomas! - Her response every single night to the question, "Are you ready to take a bath?"  It means she wants Thomas to go first so she can delay hers (and subsequently, bedtime) a little longer.

Bleth you! - Bless you, said after both sneezes and coughs.

Pulling into my parents' driveway.
Katie Wynn: I see Mimi houth!  (I see Mimi's house!)
Me: Yes, we're at Mimi's house!
Points to workshop in backyard.
KW: I see Poppy houth!

Me: We'll be back in a little bit, Matt.
Katie Wynn: Back in 'ittle bit, Matt!

Poppy, to Katie Wynn: Come on, sugar.  Let's go inside.
Katie Wynn, to Charlie (the dog): Come on, thugar. Go inthide!

Katie Wynn, while holding Tickle Me Elmo: Elmo nothe (nose) not work.  It need battwees.
Me:  It needs batteries?!
KW: Uh-huh.  It fwoken. (Broken)
(I have no idea how she knows about batteries.)

Me, after church: Did you have fun at children's church?
Katie Wynn:  Uh-huh!
Me: Did you color?
KW: No
Me: Well, what did you do?
KW: I cwied.  
Me: You cried?  Why did you cry?!
KW: I wanted my mama.

Katie Wynn:  I want joos.  (Juice)
Me: What do you say?
KW:  Thank-oo.
Me:  Can you say please first?
KW: Peas first.

Mama or Daddy: Sings Happy Birthday to You song.
KW: Now we eat cupcakes!
(We get asked to sing this song a lot.)

Mama:  Who is that on your shirt?
KW: Apple Sauce!
(She meant Santa Claus.)

While combing her hair.
Katie Wynn: Oooh my goo-ness, I so pitty!  (Oh my goodness, I'm so pretty!)

Katie Wynn, to me: Keen (Clean) up my mess!

Lala, to Katie Wynn: Thank you!
Me, to KW: Can you say, "You're welcome?"
KW: I welcome!

I know there are so many more, but that's all I can think of right now!  I may come back and add more as I remember them.  :)


I have always thought that as soon as Katie Wynn and Thomas started talking a lot, I'd start a new series to record the funny things they say.  Cause you know, everyone always says, "You should write that down!" and I have a family blog as a scrapbook so might as well write it there, right?  Anyway, I thought it'd be a while before I started the series but as it turns out, Katie Wynn is already doing a fair amount of talking that I want to remember.  It's not really funny phrases or ideas just yet, more like funny pronunciations of words.  So consider this the first installment in an ongoing series. 

I need a catchy name for this series.  Anyone got a good idea?  Here are some things I've considered:

  • Chit-Chats (obviously, since that's what I went with for this post)
  • Say What?
  • What's that you say?
  • Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?
  • Kids say the darnedest things.
  • Chatty Cathy (not a good choice since I want to use it for Thomas too)
  • Kid Speak

You know, I feel like I always come up with really good, clever ideas when I'm in a group brainstorming situation, but when I'm sitting here by myself I can't ever come up with anything!  Tell me you've got something catchy to call this series...

At 23 months old, Katie Wynn can say a LOT.  She has been babbling and saying all the normal baby words for a while - mama, dada, ball, no, go, etc - but several months ago she just woke up one morning and started really talking!  Mostly short phrases, but you can still kinda carry on a conversation with her now.  As my nephew Jett said recently, "She's like a real little person now."

There are quite a few words that she says really well and most anyone can understand them.  Things like mama, daddy, baby, eat, more, wet, ball, Mimi, Poppy, Papa, Anna, and on and on.  But there are plenty of other words and phrases that most people might not understand, at least not the first time she says them.  And I really want to remember some of these pronunciations.  I will try to spell them as phonetically as possible.

Tees - This means cheese.  Specifically, string cheese, her favorite snack.

Peace - Please

Tankoo - Thank you

Orn - Orange, a new favorite fruit.  Also, the only color she knows.

Wad-uh - Water

Nana - Banana

Bullies - Blueberries

Yea'mim - Yes ma'am, said to both females and males.

Paw-et - Pocket

Jew - Juice

Yap - Lap

Kit cat! - Kitty cat (and almost always said loudly and excitedly)

Whyyy - Wyatt

Tommy - Thomas (I really think she's trying to say Thomas and just can't get that "s" sound out at the end.  Every now and then she gets it right.)

Holly - Lolli (She used to say this correctly and then we'd always tell her to say, "Hi Lolli!" but she'd say "Eye Holly!" instead and now she always calls her Holly.)

Holla - Lala (her grandmother, pronounced like the la's in fa la la la la) Hilarious to hear her walking around the house yelling "holla!"

Blay-et - Blanket

Thit! - Sit! (Said to people, not dogs.)

Padi or Pally - Paci.  She's getting much better at this; it used to sound more like "body."

Aye ooh - I love you

Now onto some of her phrases...

I beebee bath! - I want a bubble bath.

It ok, Tommy. or You ok, Tommy. or You aw-wight, Tommy.  Probably self explanatory. 

He doan whon it. - He doesn't want it.  She picked this one up from me saying it every time she tries to jam Thomas's paci into his mouth while he was asleep.  Now she picks up his paci and walks around the house saying, "He doan whon it."

Oooh wee, Tommy! - Shoo wee, Thomas!  I say "Shoo wee!" every time I change a stinky diaper on her.  She says this to Thomas every time he gets his diaper changed period.

I open it. - This one's obvious and is said for many things, including taking off Thomas's diaper.

I why. I why. I why. - I want a wipe.  Or I need a wipe.  And usually said on repeat until you give her a baby wipe.

It hot! - Usually said when she doesn't like a food.  Even a cold food.

Git it, Mama! - This is said about anything she wants me to pick up - a toy out of reach, a dropped spoon, a crying Thomas.  Sometimes when she's saying it over and over, I like to pretend in my head that she just has her inflection wrong and that instead of being demanding, she really means it as "Get it, girl!" like I'm really working it.

Hennie, HUH! - Henry, hush!  (Henry is my parents' dog and he barks a lot.  Guess she's heard us all tell him to hush a time or two!)

No no, Holly, no no. - This is an easy one and it's said any time Lolli gets close to her while she has food.

Where go? - Where did he/she/it go?  Said anytime someone leaves, our neighbor's dogs walk past our house, the train goes away, etc. 

Go, Go! (While pointing at TV) - I want to watch Frozen.

Weed it, Mama. - Read it, Mama.  Demanded until she gets aggravated that I actually read all the words on every page, and then it switches to "I weed it." so she can turn the pages faster.

Moan, moan! - One of my favorites.  I spelled it that way because that's how it sounds, but it's her short hand for "Come on!"  It's never said just once, but rather always repeated and it has the cutest little hand gesture that goes with it so that you'll "Moan!" with her wherever she wants to go.

Mere, mere! - Similar to above, except this one is for "Come here!" It has a similar hand motion but is used more to beckon someone to come to her.  I felt really bad for her when she said it over and over to a frog but it just wouldn't "Mere!" like she wanted it to.

I will probably come back and add to this list as I think of other words and phrases she says, so check back in a couple days!  

And seriously, what should I call these posts?