Family Work Day

Happy fall, y'all!

We had a beautiful day here yesterday! The weather was so nice we were able to leave the doors and windows to the shop open and enjoy the nice fall breeze. In honor of the season, I made a set of these wooden pumpkins.  They'll be going in a silent auction at my church this weekend.

Along with the pumpkins will be several other things that we've made - a plant stand, a couple clocks, some picture frames, Razorback paraphernalia.  We have been super busy getting our donations ready! In fact, yesterday I had to enlist the help of Anna to be my personal helper so we could get everything finished in time. She is an excellent painter.

Also in the shop was a father-son carpenter team. They worked hard all day building a bench together.  The son did all the measuring and marking.

And the dad made all the cuts.

Once they had all their materials cut and ready to go, they assembled the bench together. Doc let Wyatt use the drill to screw in the screws.

And after a few short hours, they had completed their first father-son woodworking project!

Looks like a perfect bench, if you ask me!  Hope you all had as nice a Sunday as we did.