Homemade Donations

I mentioned earlier that I made some wooden pumpkins to be sold in a silent auction at my church.  Well, the pumpkins will have some company from our workshop at the auction.  Last night we finished up just about everything we've been working on. There are just a few last minute touch-ups to make before everything gets delivered to the church on Thursday. Along with the [three sets of three] pumpkins, will be this cute plant stand made by my dad,

as well as some wooden picture frames where the picture is held on by nail heads.  (Picture inserts made by my mom, frames made by me.)

I saw some wooden crosses at an art festival I attended recently, and tried to make some similar to them.

In the years past, we've learned that the members of our church looooove their Hogs. Anything Razorback-ish usually gets the most bids, so, in an effort to make sure that our auction items get lots of attention, we made some AR stuff.

An Arkansas sign and a Razorback sign made by my mom (frames made by me and Dad).


And finally, some Razorback blocks made by me. This was my first attempt at something like this and I think they're ok for the first go-round. I think they'll look cuter when they're sitting up on a shelf and you can really see their different sizes and heights, but here, they were still laying out to dry.

I think last year our donations may have been bigger things, but the great thing about all of these is that they were made out of scraps. No money spent is a win to me!

Hopefully on Saturday we'll bring in some cash for our church. If you're in the area, you should stop by and place a bid. There are usually lots of good items in the silent auction, plus there's a country store, a rummage sale, tons of food, and games for the kids!