It's just a little crush.

This week's web browsing and catalog flipping has turned up several items that I'm drooling over. Lots of things that I really want, none of which do I actually need. But, it's ok to look and ooh and ahh over them, right? I have a major crush on this table from Crate and Barrel. It would be great in our kitchen, especially since the dropleaf would allow us to scoot it closer to the wall and have more of a walkway.  (And I'll take those shelves in the background, too!)

A birdcage umbrella that's painted...wait for a birdcage.  Sure to cheer up any rainy day!

Love this quilt from Garnet Hill, preferably in the turquoise and green, but I'd take any of them.

And with that lovely quilt, I'd like to have a set of polka dot sheets.

While we're shopping at Garnet Hill, I'll also take one of these coats.  I love a good ruffle.

Barndoor entryway.  Be still my heart.  (An old crush, but recently saw it and fell in love again.)

I would like to hang this wreath on my front door during the fall, but with a $50 price tag, I'll just admire it from afar.

I really, really want one of these spoon pendant lights in my next house. Aren't they so cool?

But if I can't have the spoon pendant light, I'll settle for a key plate one.

This necklace looks fun! Does it have earrings to go with?

I don't necessarily love these as pictured, but stirrup jeans seem like such a good way to keep my pant legs stuffed down in my boots.

Do I already have too many TOMS? Nah. These should be added to my collection!

This Silhouette SD machine is awesome. It's like a printer, except that it cuts out your images instead of printing them. The possibilities of things you could do with this are endless!

Ok, confession. I bought it yesterday. Sigh...

And, because it is so incredibly freezing cold in my office today, I'd like to have this right now.

That's all I've got. What are you crushing on these days?