Tie Challenge 2015

Do any of you guys remember the Turtleneck Challenge of 2010?  When I made it 29 days in a row wearing nothing but turtlenecks?  (And my coworkers didn't even catch on!)  Well, 5 years later, it's time for another challenge!

Except this time, it's Matt's wardrobe that's being tested! :)

This challenge came about oh, six-ish weeks ago when his revolving necktie holder gave up and crashed to the floor.  All of his ties landed in a heap and our kids swarmed to them like it was a big pile of leaves to jump in.  By the time we drug them out of there, it was like a colorful tie explosion inside our closet.

So we got to thinking, just how many ties are there?  (And how long is it going to take us to hang them all back up?!)  What better way to answer that question than by wearing one a day until they ran out?  Matt was up for the challenge.  :)

Day One of Tie Challenge 2015

Now, if you're sitting there thinking, "Who wears ties anymore?" let me tell you that Matt does!  And so do all of his coworkers.  At his place of business, they have a business dress code so it's full suit and tie for all the men.  He won't be the weirdo hanging out in a tie while everyone else is in a t-shirt or polo.

Here are his rules:
1.  One tie per work day.  (Unlike with my turtleneck challenge, he doesn't have to wear a tie every single day of the week because that would be weird.  Just the days he's in the office and has to wear a tie anyway.)
2.  ALL ties that are in the closet must be worn - even the big fat bright yellow one, the two bow ties, and the pastel one that screams Easter egg.

When we were first talking about this, I asked him, "What about your Christmas tie?  It's gonna look stupid if you're wearing it in mid-November."  His response?  "I plan on wearing it on Christmas Eve just like every other year."

So he thinks he'll make it past Christmas Eve.  What do you think!?

Just like with the Turtleneck Challenge of 2010, we'll have daily photographic evidence of all the different ties.  And we'll have a prize for whoever guesses closest to the correct number of ties he owns!  (No, it won't be a necktie.)

Before you leave your guess in the comments, here are a few hints to help you out (and no, we have no idea what the answer is yet - we have not pre-counted the ties).  

1. We are already over 20 days in on taking pictures so your guess should definitely be over that!
2. All of his ties fit on one revolving tie rack, similar to this one on Amazon.  I will not say how full or empty it is.
3.  Like I mentioned earlier, Matt thinks he's gonna have no problem making it to Christmas Eve.

Don't forget that he only has to wear them on business days so you can't just count down the days til Christmas!  Leave your guess in the comments section of this post (one guess per person!).  And if you want, feel free to leave a [reasonable] suggestion for the prize too.  :)