Frozen on Ice!

The weekend after Katie Wynn's birthday, Disney's Frozen on Ice was in town!  Obviously I had to take her to see it for her birthday (actually, I would've taken her even if it wasn't her birthday).  We also bought a ticket for my niece Bren whose birthday was in August.  We made it a girls' trip with me and Katie Wynn, Bren and her mom (Beth) and Bren's friend, and my mom, Mimi.  Our tickets were for 2:00 and with this being Katie Wynn's first ever show to go to and it being right in the middle of nap time, I just knew she would end up sleeping through the whole thing.  Thankfully, though, she took about a 40 minute nap in the car on the way to the show so she was wide awake when we arrived!

Earlier that morning before church, I had to try to use meeting Elsa and Anna that afternoon as a bribe to get Katie Wynn up and moving and out the door on time.  It totally backfired when my painfully shy little girl burst into tears about meeting them!  Wasn't really expecting that one.  I had to do a lot of back-tracking and explain that we weren't really going to meet them and they wouldn't even talk to her and that we'd just wave from really far away.  Thank goodness for one of our church friends that had gone the previous day and showed us pictures on her phone!

So, to say the least, Katie Wynn was a little bit nervous about going.  And before anyone tries to get on to me about not letting her dress up for the show (ahem, Kim!), please know that yes, she owns an Anna dress and yes, I had it with me in our bag but she did not want to put it on, even after I really tried to get her excited about it.  

I am not a huge Disney girl myself so this was also a new experience for me.  I didn't know what to expect either.  I have not seen a lot of Disney movies, especially the newer ones, and Katie Wynn has only ever seen Frozen.  The only tv show she has ever really seen is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  So, imagine our excitement when the first two characters to skate out onto the ice were Mickey and  Minnie!!  Check out her mouth-open stare.  :)

And I love this one that Beth got of the three of us.  I guess Mom and I were happy to see Minnie and Mickey too.  

There were several other characters that came out at the beginning that we did not know, but she enjoyed watching Mickey and Minnie and Donald and Goofy.  When the real performance (Frozen) started, she climbed up in my lap and settled in.  She stayed in that trance for a good long while!

I think it was the goldfish in our bag that broke her trance, but only barely.

We stayed in our seats during intermission.  In hindsight, I should've let her get up and run out some energy because she got restless during the last half (which was a lot shorter, thank goodness).  

She loved seeing Olaf and Marshmallow out on the ice!

And Mickey and Minnie and Donald made another appearance at the end of the show!

Katie Wynn was way too nervous for pictures before the show, but we got some cute ones of the girls afterwards!

Katie Wynn also had a pink tutu that she could've worn like Bren, but she wouldn't put it on either.

Bren and her buddy Maddi Grace were so cute!

I think Katie Wynn liked hanging out with the big girls.  :)

All in all, it was a really fun experience!  With the exception of getting a little bit antsy towards the end, I was really proud of how well Katie Wynn did.  Maybe we will be able to take her to a movie sometime this year!  (Or maybe we'll continue to hold off on that...who knows?)