12 Month Photos

At the time of writing this, Thomas is 17 months old.  At the time of this photo session, he was 13 months old.  So, we were a little behind on having his one-year photo shoot and I'm even more behind on posting the shots.  Oops.

I've mentioned this in another post but before Thomas was born, we purchased a "First Year" photography package with Lisa Mac of LMac Studio.   The package included four photo shoots - a newborn session, one at 4 months, one at 8 months, and the finale 1 year session.  (Click those links to see the pictures from our past sessions!)

For this last session with Lisa, I asked if we could do some full family photos.  I really wanted some good ones of us all together.  We couldn't get it worked out to have the big kids with us too, but I still wanted some of the other four of us.  During the days leading up to our appointment, I fretted over coordinating outfits for us all to wear.  When we finally arrived, I had three complete sets of clothing for all of us to wear together plus more for each of the kids.

Matt and I never changed clothes.  Why?  Because our kids would not cooperate at all!  We set up for pictures outside...in July...so it was really hot.  Combine the heat with two kids that couldn't peel themselves off of us and it was a bit of a disaster!  But Lisa Mac is so awesome that she still managed to get some good, usable photos.  (All photo credits go to Lisa Mac, obviously.)

This one is my favorite group photo, I think.

I like this one too but wish Thomas was looking at the camera with the rest of us.  I don't even care that they're not smiling (typical!).

See what I mean by clingy, shy kiddos?  Can you see us sweating?

At least she got a smile out of Thomas with this action shot!

But, while that smile above is cute, I think this one is my favorite of him!  That pouty frown!!  And those blue eyes.  Can you see why he gets away with everything?!

Sadly, that's all we got outside.  We were hot and had had enough so we headed back to Lisa's studio.  And we only had a few minutes left so I picked just one outfit for them to take pictures in (so much for all the time I spent laying clothes out!).  

I absolutely love these pictures.  They wouldn't cooperate enough to take a picture together (shocking!) so I asked Lisa to just try to get similar shots of them that I could hang together.  And with all of us standing on our heads and singing every silly song we know, we eventually got a smile out of Katie Wynn!

Of the bottom two, which would you pick to hang next to Thomas's?  The sweet, serious face or the silly grin?  

I have actually already had these printed out, I'm just dragging my feet on getting frames for them!  Hopefully they'll be on the wall before Thomas is two...