Katie Wynn

I've decided to break my next installment of random pictures up into two posts - one all about Katie Wynn and one all about Thomas.  Katie Wynn is my first born, so she gets the first post. 

Like I said in this post, her actual birthday was pretty much just another normal day.  She got to eat cupcakes, but that was about it.  But, her paternal grandparents arrived the next day so we invited my parents over to join us all for birthday cake and presents.  I was hesitant since I knew my parents couldn't come until 8 and I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep her up that late, but I'm so glad we did.  She had the best time opening gifts and blowing out her candles with all of her favorite people! 

When Thomas was born, I let her open every gift that was brought to us for him, so she's gotten really good at opening presents.  Maybe too good...I have to hide gifts from her that are for other people and don't need to be opened!  Below, she is opening a very cool gift.  It's a bracelet sent by Matt's sister, Jill.  The bracelet was given to Jill by her grandmother and since she had boys, she is passing it down to KW.  Isn't that so sweet?  We will have to take very good care of this special piece of jewelry.


Pat made "Matthew's Chocolate Cake" and brought it with her.  She makes this cake every year for Matt's birthday and it is so good.  I tried to make it once and I pretty much failed.  Matt suggested she make it for KW's birthday...probably so he could have an excuse to eat it again!

She sat and stared at the candles while we all sang and waited to blow them out when the song was over.  I was impressed!  Maybe they do this at daycare?  I really don't know; I figured she'd have no clue what to do.  And, as expected, she loved the chocolate cake too!


During the present-opening and cake-eating, Frozen was on the TV.  We tried to pause it to her but she melted down into a puddle on the floor.  So the birthday girl got what she want and we left Frozen on...

Her two big gifts came from each of her grandparents and were a matching stroller and baby crib.  She was incredibly excited to see them!  My mom made bedding for both that matches her room and makes them even cuter.  She spends most of her free time rocking babies to sleep or pushing them around the house.

She also opened the cutest pair of yellow rain boots and a matching yellow raincoat.  To top off the outfit, she also got a cute clear birdcage umbrella!  Admittedly, I was probably way more excited about these gifts than she was, but she was a good sport and tried them on for me.  :)

Matt and I both had to work the next day but Lala and Poppa were brave enough to keep both kids at home by themselves.  Katie Wynn got to pick out her hair bow for Lala and below, you can see what she chose.  Lala is way nicer than I am and humored her by putting a few in! 

I think they got to play babies a lot that day.  Sometimes Katie Wynn was the mama and sometimes she crawled into the stroller so she could be the baby.

They played outside too where Katie Wynn grilled up some food to feed to Thomas.  She helped him eat some corn on the cob and a chicken leg...

...and then he got to wash it down with some good ol' yellow mustard.  Tasty! 

After her birthday party on Friday night, we waited until Saturday morning to open even more presents.  She opened this tiny baby doll that came with its own food and bottles and oh my goodness! that baby gets fed a LOT.

We went to a "Pajamas and Donuts" themed birthday party later that morning.  Katie-bug didn't really know anyone there so she spent the majority of the time clinging to me.  I was able to peel myself out from underneath her at the end of the party when she found this puzzle.  She still hovered against the wall but she worked so hard on putting Logan's letters in the right spots!

She is pretty good and roping her Lala into playing games with her.  :)

Bath time got a lot more colorful with these new foam letters she opened!  They stick to the wall so we've had fun spelling out her name and picking out colors.  (Orange is still the only color she really knows.)

We have acquired a swing for Thomas and when he's not in it, you can bet some of Katie Wynn's dolls are.  The picture on the right shows her love of ranch - just like her mama.  But what these two pictures really show is how long her hair was...

...until we got it chopped off!

I had been wanting to get her hair cut for a while to even things up a bit (it was pretty scraggly on the sides) but put it off so that she could still have pigtails for her birthday party.  Now I kinda wish I'd done it sooner because she is rockin' the cutest little bob I've ever seen!  These were taken right after we left the salon.  She did not do a great job of sitting still for the hair stylist, but she seemed to really like it after we left.

Her new 'do didn't affect her love for wagon rides!

It finally rained about a week later so we got a chance to try out the new rain gear!  I put on my rain boots and rain coat and grabbed my umbrella too, but Katie Wynn wasn't easily convinced.  She did put hers on but I couldn't get her to jump in a puddle for anything!  She thought it was hilarious when I did it though, and I'm sure I looked like a big fool to all our neighbors.

After church on a gorgeous fall day.  "I wunnin'!"

Sometimes I take pictures of her before school and send them to my mom so she can see her in her new clothes.  I loved this outfit!

She has started wanting to sit in the big kid swings but immediately wants out when I push her too high.  And then wants back in.  And then out.  And then in...

On the right, she's having a pretend meal by herself in the dining room that we never eat in.  I love her imagination.  :)

This is the most recent picture I have of her so that officially gets me caught up! I took these this morning before school for two reasons.  First, I wanted to send my mom a picture of her outfit.  My mom has been busy making her ruffle pants for this fall/winter so I wanted to show her they fit ok.  Her t-shirt is size 24 months and I had to roll the sleeves up three times.  I have been buying 2T clothes for fall and they all swallow her!  At yesterday's doctor's appointment, we learned she weighs a whopping 25 pounds.  I know one-year-olds that weigh that much!  Also, she was excited to wear her new "el-fint" shirt with the floppy ears. 

The second reason I was taking pictures was to get a shot of her scratched up nose!  She had a little tumble on our brick stairs the night before and used her nose to break her fall.  It bled a little immediately afterwards and I just knew she was going to have black eyes in the morning.  So far her nose is a little red but no bruising yet.  Fingers crossed it doesn't happen!

Next update is all about my T-man!