Polka Dot Party

On Friday, September 26th, we had Katie Wynn's second birthday party.  After last year's petting zoo blowout, my only goal for this year's party was to keep it simple and have fun.  I promised Matt that I would majorly scale back, and I kept my promise.  I did not go overboard but it was still very cute and we had so much fun!

I bought three enormous red and white polka dot balloons (these) and centered the theme around that.  I only got three because at $7 each before helium, it's all I could afford.  Who knew balloons could cost so much?!  I found some cheaper solid red ones that were almost as big and used them to fill in.  I think helium ended up being my biggest expense for this party - even more than the food!

We hired a photographer to take pictures throughout the party, but I forgot to tell her to capture the details.  That's ok, though, because there weren't many.  I'm sure you can picture red and white polka dot plates, napkins, cups, and streamers to go with the balloons.  That was about it!  We had the party in my parents' backyard since they have a playset and just set up a few card tables and scattered around some outdoor toys.  I wheeled out our red wagon at the last minute and it ended up being the biggest hit among the kids!

Here's the backyard before guests arrived.  (Our photographer's name was Danielle Steele, but to my knowledge she does not have a website I can link to.  All photo credits go to her.)

The birthday girl was dressed in a monogrammed polka dot outfit.  :)  She is still incredibly shy and is going through a new phase of putting her hand in her mouth around people she doesn't know well.  I hope it's a short-lived phase!

She was shy for the photographer but as all of our guests arrived, she opened up and started running around the yard with the other kids.  She was a hot, sweaty mess!  I'm pretty sure she still had no clue the party was for her, but she had a blast!

We took advantage of having a photographer present and had lots of family pics taken.  I'm not posting them all in case some wind up on Christmas cards, but we got a LOT of frame-worthy ones!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the night.  We rarely have all four kids together at the same time and definitely don't get them all looking at the camera.  This was also Wyatt's first time to ever hold a baby, and look how good he's doing!  He didn't drop Thomas at all.  In fact, Thomas started to fall asleep in his arms!  Wyatt says he's holding out and still refusing to hold Katie Wynn.  Maybe this is just a brotherly bonding thing?

You heard of Stage Moms, right?  But what about Stage Dads and Stage Brothers?  These two made sure Thomas's hair was just right for his pictures.  :)

- (32).jpg

We did a Boys picture and a Girls one but I think the Boys may have won...

Most of the guests at this year's party were family, but I did also invite three of Katie Wynn's daycare buddies and their families.  I failed to tell the photographer to get a picture of all the guests.  Next year I will have a list of necessary pics to give whoever I hire!  Here are some of the kids having fun in the backyard.  

- (25).jpg

After we'd all filled up on grilled hot dogs, baked beans, chip and dip, and fruit, it was finally time for dessert!  I made a polka dotted cake so Katie Wynn would have a candle to blow out, but I also bought an assortment of cake pops for everyone.  My cake was kind of a last-minute addition and it ended up being delicious!

Notice the hand in Katie Wynn's mouth again.  She wasn't so sure about everyone singing to her.  I ended up having to blow out her candle for her, even though we had practiced at home and she'd done great!

After digging her fingers into the cake icing, Katie Wynn ate who-knows-how-many cake pops.  I just told myself she only turns two once! 

The sun went down as soon as we'd finished cake - it was like God was watching and waiting to turn out the lights.  I told the photographer the party was pretty much over and that she was off duty.  I am more than pleased with all the photos she sent me!

My mother-in-law, Patricia, was snapping pictures during the party too.  Many of hers are similar to the photographer's except from slightly different angles.  She did get my new favorite one of me and my little guy, though.  Look at the grin on that cute little face of his!  And those rosy cheeks!  He was a real trooper during the party and didn't mind getting passed around.


We waited to open presents at home the next morning.  More birthday related pictures to come soon!