Yesterday was the last day I could say that I have two kids under the age of of today, we have a two-year-old!!!  Actually, at the time of typing this, I still have 1 hour and two minutes until she is officially two (8:51 pm).  But no, I do not plan on waking her up at her actual birth time.  Maybe when she's older!


Her birthday party isn't until Friday, so for the most part, this was just another ordinary day for her.  Mama and Daddy went to work, Thomas went to his baby sitter's, and she went to "school" (daycare).  She did, however, get to have a cupcake at school, though I'm not really sure she even knew why.  We have been talking up her birthday for the last week or so but she doesn't seem to get it just yet.  I had hoped that she would get to carry in her cupcakes this morning; I knew she would get a kick out of that and at least she'd know that she brought them.  But, the cupcakes weren't ready when I went to pick them up from the bakery so they ended up being delivered sometime during the day.  Oh well.

There were two extra cupcakes at the end of the day that we took over to Mimi and Poppy's house to share.  She "needed" one of them though so somehow she ended up getting to eat another one!  (Or at least licking all the icing off of it.)


I will have lots more birthday-related pictures after her party.  Like last year, I've hired someone to come snap photos while we party away.  I'm already excited to see them and the party hasn't even happened yet!

Happy second birthday, sweet baby girl!  I love you to the moon and back!


Not to be a downer after a celebratory post, but I don't think I can let today go by without also mentioning that we had to say goodbye to one of our furry family members.  Henry, the wire-haired dachshunds that lives at my parents' house, was hit by a car and passed away.  I still can't wrap my head around the fact that he's no longer with us; it still seems surreal.  I have never seen a dog that loved babies as much as Henry did, and there was no one better to snuggle up with for a nap.  He was always great at keeping my feet warm!  This is the first time in my lifetime that there won't be a dog running around my parents' house.  The silence will be palpable, I'm sure.  We're sure gonna miss our sweet "Hennie!"