Thomas's Baptism

Two days after Katie Wynn's second birthday party, we had Thomas baptized.  I had planned both events for the same weekend since Matt's parents would be in town visiting.  Everything was organized and planned to a T so that the weekend would be smooth sailing.  What I didn't count on was Thomas running a high fever all day on Saturday and us ending the night at the ER.  Sigh...

After hours of a burning hot head, we finally decided to take him to a weekend clinic to see if it could be an ear infection.  The idea of getting a round of antibiotics in him before the baptism seemed like a good idea.  But....we waited too long and pulled up to the clinic at 8:06pm.  The website said it was open until 9:00pm but it actually closed at 8:00pm.  Did I mentioned that we'd driven 45 minutes to get there?  You better believe I heavily knocked on the door, but they wouldn't let us in.

So we went to the ER, still thinking it was a simple ear infection and we just needed to get our hands on a prescription.  But then Thomas got extra fussy and the triage nurse thought he should be totally checked out forward four hours and we were finally walking out the doors shortly after midnight.  His ears?  Totally fine.  Everything about him was totally fine, except for the fever.  We left with instructions to give him Tylenol and continue to watch him.  Ugh, I could've figured that out on my own.  The fever lasted about 2 and half days and we never really figured out what it was.  Just one of those unexplained things babies get!

Back to the baptism.  It was already planned and in the bulletin, lunch had already been ordered, his gown had been handmade and ironed, and family was in town.  102 fever or not, Thomas was getting baptized!  

Matt's mom, Pat, took pictures of us during the service.  We walked up on stage during the singing of a hymn.  That's always awkward because I don't know if I should sing or not while I'm up there.  If you've ever heard me sing, you know that my voice accidentally being picked up on a microphone could be tragic.  

My mom plays the piano during our church services but walked out from her normal spot to sit in the front pew and watch.  Katie Wynn spotted her immediately and squirmed out of my arms so she could go sit with her.  Do you see that look on my face?  That's a look that says, "Please don't fall down those stairs and make me run and trip over there in my heels to pick you up.  Don't you even think about getting hurt and crying.  I already have one sick baby, I don't have time for that."

Thankfully she made it down the steps just fine and we were able to move on with the baptism.

Didn't my husband do an excellent job of holding Thomas and his draping gown?  I was the one looking awkward since my assigned child ran down the steps.  Note to self: stand with legs together and don't twist your arms up like that.

Pouring the water - nice action shot, Pat!

And a prayer for sweet Thomas.

I don't have good pictures of the actual baptism because Brother Tom turned his back and was blocking the view.  His head was so hot, though, that the water sizzled when it was poured over him.  I'm kidding.  But it was really hot.  So hot that the picture below is of Brother Tom telling the congregation that he was not going to bring him around and introduce him to them because he was sick.  We appreciated that.  Why do preachers always wad up the gown?

We had a catered lunch at our house for all of our family.  Since everyone was present and in nice clothes, we took family pictures again.  Here's our whole crew.  I've just resigned to the fact that we're gonna have bad family pictures for a few years until the little kids know how to look at the camera and smile.

This is my oldest brother Nick and his family.  They are the most photogenic family in the world and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit jealous.  

My other brother, Ben, and his family.  I should've arranged them a little bit better, but Ben's leg was broken so he couldn't move much.  At least I took the crutches out from under his arms!

Everyone in this picture is shooting little death rays out of their eyes at me.  They are so mad that I'm making them take pictures again.  Well, everyone except for my mom maybe.  Don't they all just look like a happy bunch??

The last pictures we took were of Matt's parents with our kids.  Aren't our little ones the most precious things you've ever seen? 

I honestly have no idea what people mean when they talk about the terrible twos.  My two-year-old is a little angel who would never entertain the thought of not sitting pretty and smiling for a picture for her mama.  Meltdown she does not.  

And Thomas?  He's screaming his head off because he still has a 102 fever.  This was the best we could get before I told them they could go inside and eat (or, in Thomas's case, chug some Tylenol).  

It was an exhausting day but we are so glad to have had it done.  As parents, we know this is the best gift we could ever give Thomas and we hope that we will raise him to love Christ and live according to his examples!