Vacay: Days 3 and 4

You guys, I have a whopping 79 pictures uploaded for this post.  SEVENTY-NINE.  I have tried so hard to narrow it down, but I just love too many pictures!  Better go ahead and get yourself a snack and get comfy before getting started.  And then, get ready to feast your eyes on some really cute kids! Everett started Day Three out a little crabby.  But not bad-mood crabby, just super-cute-crab-pajamas crabby!

Now, you guys know I like a themed outfit better than anyone else, but Allison may have actually outdone me on this trip.  I lost count of Everett's crab outfits!  I thought we'd definitely win with two crab outfits and a crab bib, but I never even thought about crab jammies!!

I really enjoyed hanging out on the balcony every morning after breakfast.  It was the perfect spot to catch up on emails and whatnot before hitting the day full-force.  Katie Wynn enjoyed getting her belly full and then napping in the cool breeze.

She also loved the swings we hung up out there.  All three kids did, actually.  It's amazing how content they all were to just sit and swing. 

Poor Katie Wynn got caught mid-swing for a little manicure action.

Day Three is when we decided to try to brave the beach again.  Katie Wynn was not a big fan of it the last time we were there, so we weren't expecting to spend the whole day out there.

We plopped down our blankets and an umbrella and took a seat.  So far, so good. 

Gus loved the sand!  He went right to work building a sand castle.

The Dads.  I probably have this same picture of them from about 6 years ago.  Crazy how time flies!

As you can see in the picture below, the more time we spent on the beach, the more Katie Wynn hated it.  So much for warming up to it.

Doc took her out in the ocean and tried to keep her out there until she got used to it.  I'm not sure that it worked.  The little bunny just cried so much that she wore herself out and fell asleep in my arms.

On the beach, in front of a beautiful ocean, with a sleeping baby in my arms.  Peaceful, no?  Well, not if you're sitting under someone else's umbrella and in their vacant chair while they're probably inside having lunch and you're paranoid they're going to come out and catch you.

Less tears after her nap.  Hooray!

Sarah and Charlie having a little snack break with Gus.

We decided to set K-dubs on the shore to see how she'd like the sand.

Checking it out...

...and just like that, the tears are back.  Poor baby girl!

The guys played a little beach volleyball.  Gus wanted to play too!

Instead, little man got stuck hanging out with us girls.

Our trip to the beach really did not last very long.  It makes me sad that Katie hates it so much.  My fingers are crossed that she'll eventually come to love it.

Konked out in the swing after a day in the sun. 

We cooked dinner at the house most nights.  That was just a lot easier so we could put the babies in bed earlier and still get to hang out.  I think Day Three is when Chris and Allison cooked out burgers, and they were delicious!

The morning of Day Four, we made our way to the big community pool.  We got there early enough to claim some chairs in the shade.

Katie Wynn did some floating around the pool with her daddy.

Gus loves to jump in the water!  I think he probably gave his mama a pretty good workout that morning.

Sitting and resting before his next jump.  Love that belly!!

We all had a little goldfish snack before calling it a day at the pool.

Later that afternoon, Sarah and I decided to take our kids on a bike ride back out to the splash pad.  By the time we arrived there, we looked back to see both of them sound asleep!



We parked them in the shade while we did some window-shopping.  I'm sure all the passers-by were wondering who was responsible for the unaccompanied sleeping children, but we could see them from the windows the whole time.

They were OUT!  Yes, I did try to push Katie's head up but she just kept flopping it back down.  There's no way that was comfortable but there was no where else to put her.

That night was our big night out!  We decided to go out to dinner as a group - all 11 of us.  The plan was to head out at 5:00 so we wouldn't have to wait and kid still get the babies to bed at a decent time.

Everett and Gus were at the head of the table.

Note the crab bib...

There was a single chair up on the stage - I'm sure for their nightly entertainment - but we let Katie Wynn occupy it while we waited for our food.  She thought it was hilarious.  Maybe she'll love being on stage one day?

Finally, proof that Jenny and Darrin were on the trip with us! 

After dinner, Chris and Everett waited outside for the rest of us.

Before the trip, I knew I wanted the three kids to have a matching outfit for pictures one night.  My mom helped me make these turquoise seersucker bubbles.  I did the crab appliques on them and then she sewed them up for me.

I just love this picture!  They look like they're just talking and about to hold hands.

And then Gus joined them!  His outfit was a shortall instead of a bubble.

Obviously, it was impossible to get all three of them to smile.  I call this one a success just because all three are somewhat looking and no one's crying.

After those quick pics, we walked down the sidewalk to the town of Rosemary.

Isn't Gus just the cutest?

We found this little bench and thought it might be a good place to try to have a photoshoot.

We tried really hard for a good shot of all three of them together.  Even with 8 adults singing and clapping and whooping and hollering, this was about the best we could get.

So we tried for family pictures instead.

Look at that cute grin!

Thumbs up from Darrin!

I love this one.  I think Charlie wanted to be the screaming baby.  :)

Ready for the best part about the bubbles/shortall that we made?  They're reversible!  We flipped them over to hide the crabs and show the babies' names instead.  And then we tried for another picture of the three of them on the bench.  Once again, these can only be called a success because all eyes are open and no one is crying.  But where are their smiles??

Darrin seems to be somewhat of a baby whisperer.  Everett was all smiles in his arms.

After pictures, we hung out on the lawn for a while so Gus could run around and play.

Love that little sashay from his bootie!

Catch him if you can!

Doc caught him and took him for a spin.

The smaller babies just sat on the ground together and watched Gus.

These pictures of the boys laying in the grass are my favorites!! SO CUTE!

We headed back towards the town for some ice cream at the Sugar Shak.

My girl and I waited as patiently as we could while Doc got us some treats.

Such a cute family, and always so darn photogenic!

Darrin, once again being the baby whisperer.  Katie Wynn is in a bit of a clingy stage and doesn't let just anyone hold her anymore, but she seemed fine with her new buddy.

One last picture before calling it a night on Day Four. 

I wish we could go back right now!  We had such a great time the night...the weather was perfect, we ate delicious food, and the kids were all happy.  Just the way vacation should be!