Vacay: Days 1 and 2

I think the easiest way to break up the 1,000 plus pictures from our beach vacation will be to go by days.  Three posts total, maybe?  We'll see. Techincally, this post should be called Days 0, 1, and 2 but I'm not really counting the day we got there as a full day.  Doc, Katie, and I were the first ones to arrive and had the house to ourselves for the night.  It worked out wonderfully because we were able to grocery shop and get the house ready before our friends arrived.

I won't lie, I was SO dreading the car ride there.  Katie wasn't the biggest fan of being in the car that long on our last trip, and that was with two extra people (my parents) in the car to entertain her.  I assumed I would have to ride in the back with her the whole time and act like a fool to keep her happy.  That was not the case, though.  She was a total CHAMP in the car.  She slept so much that I kept checking to make sure she was breathing.

She traveled in her jellyfist shirt so she could get excited about a beach vacay.

Plus, those ribbon tentacles are just really fun to chew on.

We were terrified she'd be up all night after napping all day, so we put on her swimsuit and tried to wear her out in the pool.  I love that she can stand on this little corner step and play and splash by herself (with an adult watching, obviously).  I only wish the step was bigger!

"Why are we getting out of the pool, mama?"  I dunno, baby.  I ask myself the same question all the time.

Her clip-on highchair is perfect for vacations!  We just clip it on to the bar and she's got a designated spot for the week.  Here she is just dining alone...

The bulk of Sunday was spent running errands while we waited for our friends to arrive.  We had breakfast out at Panera for Father's Day (because "I cooked" for Doc) and then bought groceries and a few other things to have around the house.  We also painted a small fence that morning.  We wanted to get all of our house maintenace chores done before the others got there!

That afternoon, our guests finally arrived!  We all immediately changed into our swimsuits and jumped in the pool.

The oldest of the kids on vacation was Gus at 18 months old.

Gus is so much fun to be around!  He's such a happy little guy.

Gus brought his daddy, Charlie, along for vacation...

...and also his mama, Sarah (seen here chatting with Everett).

Everett was the youngest vacationer, but not by much.  He's just three weeks younger than our Katie.

He's a fun little guy too and loves splashing with his daddy, Christopher.

Katie bug was, of course, there for the swim too.  This is the picture I posted on Instagram that afternoon.  Gotta love a swimsuit that comes with a matching swim cap!

More fun pictures of us playing in the pool...

I loved her little cap but, bless her heart, she had the biggest indention on her head from the elastic when I finally took it off!

On my way in from the pool I snapped this pic of a bright green lizard.  We saw these little guys all week long.

And we have officially made it through my pictures from Day One.  You should be glad I narrowed it down to just 23.

Mornings on vacation start a lot earlier when you're traveling with little ones!  We did sleep in a little later than usual, but still got up pretty early considering it was vacay.  The kids enjoyed playing in their jammies while we made breakfast.

I think my new favorite place to hang out at the house is on the upstairs balcony.  We finally have furniture out there and I hung two baby swings for this week.  There's always a nice breeze up's the perfect place to sit and chill.  Especially since the babies were always content to swing!

Clothing is optional on the balcony.  Day Two included a nekkid nap on the balcony for Katie Wynn.

Everett was on board with the no-clothes-required rule.

Mr. Gus Man got to go on his first bike ride in our bike trailer!

His dad pulled him while his mama followed.

I really can't remember what all we did on Day Two, but I know that evening Gus and Katie went on their first [chaperoned] date.

Doc and I joined the Kinsers for an evening bike ride through the neighborhood.

And before we knew it, we found ourselves parked at a fun little splash pad.  No swimsuits?  No problem.

Both Gus and Katie were a little hesitant at first.

With the help of his mom, Gus got brave enough to touch the water.

And then he got really brave!

Gus ran and touched all the little fountains of water!

Sometimes even going so far as to lay over a spout...

We had so much fun there!  Katie mostly just sat and took it all in, while Gus's diaper just got bigger and bigger from all the water. :)

We let 'em ride commando for the ride home.  It was gonna be a short ride...until we rode passed an ice cream shop and decided we need to stop for a treat.  The kids just hung out in the trailer while we ate, and we evenutally looked over to see them holding hands.  Our little love birds...

Days three and four are next!  And if you thought this post had a lot of pictures, just you wait!