Sleeping Beauty

I was going through all of our beach vacation pictures when I started to notice a theme.  Seems I take a lot of pictures of my baby girl sound asleep...and she sleeps anywhere and everywhere! She tested out our new balcony furniture with a quick catnap on the love seat.

At some point she took another nap on the balcony, but this time in her swing.

It only got cuter when she lost her paci.  Mouth wide open - just like her mama. :)

She hated the beach again this time, and all her crying and carrying on put her right to sleep in my arms.

Swimming apparently wears her out.  She napped by the little pool at our house... 

...and in her Daddy's arms at the big pool in the neighborhood.

We went back to the pool again the next day and yep - you guessed it - she fell asleep again.  Can you see her parked way back there under the shade?

She even fell asleep doing fun things like going on a bike ride with her buddy, Gus!

I don't think Gus was offended since he fell asleep too. :)

I am so thankful that she'll nap anywhere!  It makes being on the go much easier since we don't have to be confined to naps in her crib.

But even though she's flexible in her napping locations, her very favorite place to sleep - by far - is in her Daddy's arms.  Especially if Orange Monkey is there too.