Happy Valentine's Day!

A guest post by Doc. [Quick note from Lucy: I apologize for the poor quality pictures in this post.  I keep telling Doc it's time to upgrade his phone.  Maybe seeing these on the computer will finally convince him.  :) ]

I am a pretty lucky guy.  Here you get updated on all of the things going on with our family, our home, our projects, etc.  But, what you don’t see is that on a regular basis I get to do whatever I want.  This Valentine’s Day was one of those days.

My life is generally pretty busy – work (and travel), caring for a family, work around the house, etc.  One of my favorite things to do, and to help me unwind, is to cook.  I don’t mind cooking quick & easy stuff – I do that on a regular basis.  But what I find really rewarding is to prepare a very nice meal.  So, on Valentine’s Day (even though she didn’t know it), Lucy let me take to the kitchen and (try to) work some magic.  Ultimately, this is what we ended up with, but the journey is the fun part – so let me rewind and take you back to the beginning.

I think it is very important to have a clean kitchen before you start and having some pretty things around is a plus.  I gave these to Lucy for Valentine’s Day, and she gave me this advance Father’s Day present in September.


So, here are the things that we started with.  Delta Grind Grits + Half & Half + Chicken Stock + Cheddar Cheese = Awesome Cheese Grits.   4 Colossal Sea Scallops + 1 Prime Filet + 2 Slices of Bacon + Cast Iron Skillet = Awesomeness!


Here is how I made the magic work – and If I say so myself, it was actually a very easy meal to make.  First the cheese grits.  The recipe calls for 2 cups Chicken Stock, 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of water (BOIL THIS TOGETHER) then add 1 cup of Grits and a touch of pepper.  I modified the recipe slightly, and used 2 cups HALF & HALF in lieu of the milk/water, and I added a touch of garlic salt  with the grits as well.  Simmer over low heat for 25 minutes while whisking every couple of minutes.  When fully cooked, add 12oz of cheddar cheese and stir until smooth and the cheese is melted.



As for the proteins – this was actually easier than the grits.  First, I cut the filet in half to get the portions in line for our meal.  I seasoned with a touch of sea salt.  Then, I washed and patted dry the scallops.  Also, it is important to remove the small “foot” on the side (it is very tough after cooked).  I also seasoned with a touch of sea salt.  I cut the pieces of bacon into small strips.



I browned the bacon a touch, then pushed it to the side of the cast iron skillet (don’t want to burn the bacon) and added the filets.  After 4+ minutes I turned the filets and added the scallops.  2.5 minutes on one-side, then I flipped the scallops.



Then, it is just a matter of plating the food.  I put a bed of cheese grits on the plate, set the filet on one side and the scallops on the other.  Then I decorated the grits with some of the bacon.  I served it with a nice drink.  And then we were in heaven.


This little girl is ready to try Dad’s cooking.  See how excited she gets about Rice Cereal.  Can you imagine the smile on her face when she gets to eat Prime Beef Tenderloin and Seared Sea Scallops with Cheese Grits and a Bacon garnish?

[Another note from Lucy: It was aaaaahhhhh-maaaaaa-zing!!!  I'm a lucky, lucky girl.]