A New Trick

Katie Wynn has a new trick.  Actually, she has several.  Most were expected - she's starting to roll over, getting close to sitting up on her own, etc.  But THIS one, this one that she mastered yesterday, was one I never saw coming. She started working on it a couple weeks ago.  While in her car seat, she loves to lean forward or arch her back so that someone will pick her up and get her out.  She must've discovered that when she arches her back several times in a row, she eventually slides down until she's laying on the "seat" part of the car seat, like so:

(Sidenote: obviously this little trick takes place when she's not actually buckled into her carseat...which is maybe when we're hanging out in the kitchen or somewhere and I'm right beside her, and NEVER in the car.)

I had told my mom about this little "slide down in the car seat" trick that she was working on and was thrilled on this particular day when she started doing it again and I had my camera nearby. 

So anyway, once down in that position, she would then throw her legs down...

...in an attempt to get those legs out and onto whatever surface her carseat was sitting on.  And everytime she aaaaaalllllmost made it before her Mommy scooped her up and scooted her back up in her seat.

Poor thing.  After working so hard to get that far, I just put her right back where she started.

Like me, my mom thought the pics of this little talent of hers were pretty funny, but yesterday my mom finally got to see Katie's moves in person!  The three of us were all out in the woodshop; Mom and I were taking turns doing some painting and playing with Katie.  I set Katie back down in her carseat for a few minutes while we both had a paintbrush in our hands, and off she went...first arching that back til she scooted down and then throwing those legs back and forth, inchin' her way out of the seat.  Mom bent down, picked her up, and put her back in her seat, just so she could start the whole process all over again.

The last time she started doing it, I told Mom I'd pick her up as soon as I finished painting this one last thing...

...only to turn around to see that that little stinker had finally gotten all the way out of her seat!

She seemed quite pleased with herself.

Sigh...I guess that's the end of just setting her down in her car seat for a second, at least not without buckling up that five-point harness!