The Day of Looooove

I completely breezed right over Valentine's Day and posted about Lent instead.  I didn't mean to skip the day of hearts all together, though.  Seeing as how it's Katie Wynn's first Valentine's Day, what kind of mom would I be if I didn't at least post a picture or two? The holiday started for her on the evening before when we checked the mailbox and found it full of red Valentines.  There was one from each of us, all mailed with love from Doc's parents.  Super sweet!  Here's KW and her dad reading her very first Valentine.

The holiday started that night for me, too, when I received a package from at the door.  I honestly hadn't expected anything from Doc and certainly didn't need anything, but as soon as I saw the box, a part of me secretly hoped they were tulips.  And they were!  Score one for Doc; he knows the way to my heart. :)

The day itself was just another work day.  Katie Wynn spent the day with her babysitter, but she did have on a special outfit!  My mom had given her this cute little heart shirt for Christmas and we had been saving it for this holiday.  She looked so cute in all her hearts and I'm glad we can wear it all the time now!

That evening, Doc prepared the most delicious meal for us!  And, as another gift to me, he photographed his process so that he could guest blog about it!  Woo hoo!!  So stay from him is next. :)