Paint Sprayer

Remember the patio set that Doc and I made yesterday? Well, it's a done deal! Today I got out my old paint sprayer - I haven't used it in over a year - and decided to put it to use on a few big pieces. It was a great day for it and I made lots of progress!

I drug everything out into my parents' yard and flipped it over. I always like to start painting at the bottom.

Remember the headboard bench that Doc made a few weeks ago? It made the lineup to be painted today too.  I finally have some good plans for the bench.

After everything was set up, I got busy spraying!

While the paint sprayer is a bit of a hassle to drag out and definitely a pain to clean, once it's loaded and ready to go, it is so fun to use! You can paint big pieces of furniture in minutes instead of hours. But - if you're like me, you get excited and start to get spray-happy and before you know it, you've got too much paint on your piece and it starts to drip.


That's when you have to break out the paint brush to do a little clean up.

But soon, after letting everything air-dry for a little while, it was all done! I have more to do on the bench, but the patio set is officially finished.

Of course, it quickly made its way to my mom's patio.

Here's the deal for those of you who have expressed interest: I think my starting price will be $200. I have at least $100 worth of materials in it, although that's hard to figure accurately since some things I already had on hand. (Recognize that green paint? It's leftover from our house.) If anyone is serious about buying a set, let me know and we'll crank another one out for you.  I think the second go-round will be much easier and faster than the first.

Phew! What a weekend. I think that's the first time I've built furniture and completely finished it in such a short span of time.

Minnie is so proud of her momma, can't you tell?

It's getting dark so I have to go now...I'm turning into an ogre.