4-Hour Patio Furniture

The beach house that we rented in Florida was three stories tall, and each level had its own balcony.  We spent lots of time out on the main level balcony, reading or eating or just hanging out. I think that balcony was my favorite because of the furniture. It had two big adirondack chairs with a small table and a taller bistro-height table and adirondack-like chairs. They were painted red and were very worn and rustic looking. Of course I loved everything about them. I spent the whole week looking them over to see if it was something we could do ourselves. I decided it was most definitely something we could build.

I knew it would be super easy to build if we had a pattern, but obviously that was not the case. I did measure a few key pieces - I should have measured more - and then I took lots of pictures from every angle.

Here are a few pics of the set from the FL beach house.

I did have a model for a few pictures.  You know, just so I could see everything to scale.

Cute patio set, right?

So I made a few sketches and scribbled down some measurements and then spent the 8 hour car ride home figuring out how to build it in my head.

I was able to talk Doc into going to the local Orange and Blue stores with me late yesterday evening. We purchased all the wood I thought I would need and drove it over to my dad's shop.

Today, we hit the shop to work it out. Ok, actually, to keep things real around here, Doc got up and played golf and I worked in the yard. Then, after lunch, we headed out to the shop to try our hand at the table and chairs.

Four hours later, we had a very own patio set! Is it perfect? No. Does it have a few wonky curves? Yes. But at least it's done! It hasn't been painted yet - hopefully that will happen tomorrow - and we didn't even bother trying to hide any screws or anything like that.  We were working fast and going for the "outdoors rustic" look.

We are so proud of our four-hour project! (And no, we don't need it. I just wanted to prove that we could make it.)