Preggo Update

Time for another bullet-style update on this 40-week journey!

  • First, the stats: I am 28 weeks plus 3 days pregnant.  Finally in the third trimester, I only have about 12 weeks left.  That kinda scares the crap out of me, but on the other hand, I'm ready for it to be over and Baby Girl to be here.
  • I had my glucose test last Friday.  I am happy to say I survived the test but I still haven't gotten the results back.  Please pray that I passed!  I tried to cut back on sugars and carbs leading up to the test and it was awful; I'm not sure if I could do that for another 12 weeks.
  • Also on Friday, I received my Rhogam shot.  Getting the shot wasn't bad at all, but my arm felt like it was burning for an hour or so afterwards.
  • I have just over the past week started feeling a little uncomfortable.  I know it's way too early to complain about that so I'm trying to stay positive.  My belly button has popped out and sometimes I feel like the skin on my belly may rip in half.  And it's only going to get bigger...yikes!
  • My restless legs are out of control.  Some nights they are so bad I just want to cry.  Or cut them off.  It is very frustrating to be so tired but unable to be still and fall asleep.  I did get my prescription filled and it helped for a few days.  The medicine - Vistaril - is a sedative which I'm sure is why my dr. prescribed it.  The first couple times I took it I konked right out and slept all night.  After that though, the RLS was still bad.  There was one night in particular that it was so, so bad, I was up all night.  It felt like it spread to my arms.  I had taken the medicine that night and was so frustrated.  After doing some research the next day, I discovered that Vistaril is an antihistamine and antihistamine's can sometimes make RLS worse.  GAH!  So out with the medicine and I'm just praying every night that it won't be too bad.
  • Baby Girl still does not officially have a name, but I think we're getting close.
  • Her heartrate at Friday's appointment was 147 and the dr. says she's growing well.  She's still riding really low and she moves constantly throughout the day.  She's really active at night, to the point where sometimes I think she's spazzing out.  Doctor says that's normal too, so I'll roll with it!
  • The nursery design is progressing!  We ordered a crib a month-ish ago and just heard yesterday that it will be delivered this Friday.  I'm so excited to get to see it in person! I've also purchased two other pieces of furniture for her room (if she ever has one) and picked out fabric for all of her bedding.  I found a rocking chair that I like and hope to get it ordered this coming weekend.  My vision for the room is getting clearer and I hope it all comes together well.
  • We have officially registered!  That deserves more than one exclamation point because I am so, so glad it's over.  I don't know why, but I dreaded registering so much and did not enjoy it at all.  It was way more fun to register when we got married.  Baby stuff is so much harder; it's all so overwhelming and requires research.  Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions, they were very helpful.  I'm sure our registries aren't perfect, but at least they exist now.
  • My energy disappears very quickly these days.  I'm blaming part of that on the heat.  It's going to be a long July and August if temps stay in the hundreds!

That's all I can think of right now in terms of updates.  If I'm leaving anything major out, let me know!  I'll post an updated bump picture soon, I just didn't have them uploaded tonight!