Bottle Vases

One night, while Doc and I were out with friends, we stopped into a local cheesecake store for dessert and I chose a gigantic Fanta as my drink of choice.  Mostly, I bought it because I liked the bottle.

They all probably thought I was weird for taking the bottle home with me, but I had plans for it.

One day while I was piddling around in the shop, I took a scrap piece of wood and drilled a hole in it.

Then I stuck in a dowel rod.

Boom.  Instant bottle holder.

You know where this is going, right?  I started with a couple coats of white primer to try to hide the Fanta logo.

The final color?  Bright yellow.

And now, it's a happy little sunshiney flower vase, perfect for a single zinnia stem.

Super easy!  And completely free since I already had all the supplies (well, except the overpriced bottle of orange fanta).

I couldn't just stop there.  I gave my yellow bottle vase a green little friend full of wildflowers.

Evens are cool, but odds are better so I sprayed another bottle turquoise to go with these guys.

I love 'em!  I can't decide if the turquoise or the yellow is my favorite.  And I think they'd look perfect up on a window sill over a kitchen sink, don't you?

Ooh, and wouldn't it be cute to do a whole six pack of coke bottles and then put them back in their holder as a centerpiece on a kitchen table?  Hmmm...I may have to start buying all bottle drinks!