Busy Saturday

Happy 4th of July, everyone!  I hope you are either staying out of the heat or staying in a swimming pool (or lake, beach, etc)!  Doc and I just got home from spending the afternoon at my brother's house, where we hung out at their pool and enjoyed a delicious, festive meal.  Last night we celebrated our country's independence with all of our friends at a cookout.  I'm sad to say I have zero pictures from both events, but it's still been a nice holiday.  I plan on finishing it out on the couch, and maaaybe going to see some fireworks tonight if I can muster up the energy. While I don't have any Patriotic pictures to share, I do have pics from last Saturday.  Sometimes I decide to document a whole day with my cell phone, and this was one of those days.  It started really early when Doc got up to play golf at 6:30 and I couldn't go back to sleep.  I laid in bed contemplating what all I could do around the house before remembering that my mom had my niece and nephew at her house for the whole weekend.  You know what that means?  Saturday morning pancakes.  I hopped out of bed and rushed to get dressed and Lolli loaded up in the car; I was nervous I would miss breakfast!

When I arrived at my parents' house around 7:30, I peeked in the windows in the back before going in.  The house was still dark so I assumed they were all still asleep.  Score! I hadn't missed breakfast yet.  But I also knew my mom would kick my tail if I unleashed Lolli in the house and ended up waking the kids up too early, so I stopped short of opening the door and decided we better head out to the shop for a while.

I spent an hour or so out in the shop, getting a good start on some frames I'm working on, before walking back to the house.  This time I could see a small light on in the living room and knew my mom must be up.  I told Lolli to keep quiet and we headed in.  Mom was surprised to see me so early, and even more surprised when I told her I'd already been there for a while.  We chatted a while waiting for Bren and Jett to wake up but it never happened.  Do you know I had to finally go wake those little stinkers up at 9:45...I was starving!!

It was worth the wait...those pancakes were goooood.

After getting the kids dressed and cleaned up, we went for a quick shopping trip at a local consignment shop.  I was looking for a piece of furniture to use in the baby's nonexistant nursery, and I was lucky enough to find a piece I liked!  The store was about to close so we laid down the seats in the car and crammed it in.  The kids were excited to ride seatbelt-free.  (Don't worry, our drive was less than a mile.)

Mimi got to cram in the back with them too.

This is the beaut we brought home.  I have big plans for it and have already begun working on it.  Hopefully I'll have pictures to show you soon.

So I could get some work done in the shop, I put Brennie to work vaccuuming up sawdust.  If you ever want to keep a 3 year old busy for a while, might I suggest a shop vac?  She loved it! And she took her job very seriously.



That afternoon, we spent a couple hours at the neighbors' pool.  Doc thought he'd lay out on a raft and relax.  I'm not sure he expected to have so much company on his raft.

We had plans that evening so we left the pool early.  Chris and Allison had invited us over to their house for dinner.

Jenny and Darrin came for dinner too.

Meals prepared by Allison and Chris never disappoint.  For this dinner, they had prepared brisket (in a green egg), homemade cheese grits, and greens.  I think everyone at the table went back for seconds.  Dessert was equally as delicious...first we had a plate of cupcakes and cookies to choose from.  (This picture was taken early because I definitely filled my plate up with more than that.)

Then we had blood orange sorbet in champagne (sprite for me)!

We made it home around 11:00 and were completely and utterly exhausted from the long day.  But it was a good day - both productive and relaxing - and spent with people we love to be around!