I'm Ready

  • I'm ready to plop down on the bed belly first and sleep on my stomach all night long.
  • I'm ready to eat sushi.
  • I'm ready to wear cute fall clothes without an elastic waist.
  • I'm ready to sleep for more than an hour and half without needing a bathroom break.
  • I'm ready to be able to lean over the kitchen sink while washing dishes instead of having my belly in the way.
  • I'm ready to eat a cold bologna sandwich.
  • I'm ready to make a box of brownies and dip my finger into the raw-egg-chocolatey-goodness that is the batter and lick it off (and then do it again!).
  • I'm ready to wear my wedding rings again.
  • I'm ready to have more energy.
  • I'm ready for a big, frozen margarita.
  • I'm ready for my restless legs to settle down.

But most of all...

  • I'm ready to meet my sweet girl.  I'm ready to see her precious face and fall in love.  I'm ready to show her to her daddy.  I'm just ready.