A Baby Shower for Everett

I know I've written a lot lately about all the baby showers our friends and family have spoiled us with, but what I haven't mentioned is that a LOT of my friends are also getting ready to have babies of their own.  Not every baby shower I've attended lately has been all about me.  In fact, the last one I was at was one I was lucky enough to help host, and it was all about a sweet little boy named Everett and his mama, my friend Allison. For this shower, I teamed up with my friends Jenny and Sarah as hostesses.  Since our house is still a wreck and Sarah lives out of town, the party was held at Jenny's house.  Luckily for us, Allison had posted pictures of Everett's nursery so we were able to use that as a jumping off point for our shower theme.  The nursery has several cute tree decals, so a tree-theme was obvious.  We also settled on an orange and green color scheme.

Jenny was in charge of the flower decorations, and she did a great job!  I had my doubts about how she was going to pull off an orange and green arrangement, but she really pulled it off!  I love the tulips and daisies.

Some arrangements also had green hydrangeas mixed in.

For the front door, Jenny made a simple wreath with the invitation to the shower and a couple tulips.

The invitations we sent out were wearing cloth diapers.

Sarah was in charge of bringing cute napkins.  She went all out and ended up making some napkins out of two super cute green and orange fabrics.

She also brought with her these cute mini cupcakes with little green leaf toppers.

We did our best to make all of the foods fit in with the theme... We had green and orange veggies with spinach dip,

leaf-shaped pimento cheese (and bacon!) sandwiches,

green apples with toffee caramel dip,

baked tomato, mozzarella, and basil cups,

oreo truffles (ok, so maybe these don't really match the theme, but they tasted good!),

and orange sherbert punch.

Is anybody else all of a sudden really hungry?  No?  Just me?

I also tried out a new recipe to make these peanut butter pretzel truffles.  They were really tasty!  And this leaf dish is something we received as a wedding gift that I haven't gotten to use a ton, but it was perfect for this shower!

Keeping with the tree theme, we set out this tree trunk with instructions for everyone to add their fingerprint as a leaf on the tree.

I should've taken another picture of the tree at the end of the shower, because it looked really cute all filled up with colorful leaves!  Allison got to take it home with her in the frame and I think has already added it to Everett's nursery.

The guest of honor arrived just as we finished setting out all the food.  Perfect timing.

We had a really good turnout for the party.  Lots of people showed up to love on Mr. Everett!

Allison had a whole pile of presents to go through.  She and Everett received lots of great gifts!

Jenny watched from the back.  Thanks for having us in your home, J!

We made sure to get a picture of Allison with the three of us hostesses.  I do much better at remembering to take pictures when the shower's not for me!

We also tried for a group picture of most of the girls there, but I think some people got hidden in the back.  Oops!

As our guests left, we sent them on their way with a baby "Everett-green" tree.

They were individually wrapped tree sapplings with a tag that said, "Every backyard needs an Everett-green tree.  Like the boy, it'll grow tall as can be!"  We also attached the planting instructions so hopefully they'll be lots of growing evergreen trees scattered around town.

Baby Everett should arrive within the next month.  We are all so excited to meet him!!  And don't you worry, I have a feeling there will be lots of photo shoots with him and our little girl...