Nursery Reveal

I am finally ready to reveal the nursery pictures!  Hallelujah! Of course, it's not 100% finished.  I mean, really, what room is?  They're always a work in progress, right?  This one is no different.  But it's as finished as it's gonna be before our sweet little girl arrives, so let's get to it!

Disclaimer: I am not a good photographer.  The lighting in these pictures is sometimes a little wonky.  I don't know how all those nurseries on Pinterest get photographed with no shadows or anything.

Without further adieu, here's the view of the crib wall from the door to Little Miss's room.

Behind the crib is the plank wall that Doc and my dad helped put up.  It's painted Pure White - same as all the trim in the room that got a fresh coat of paint.  The other three walls are painted Essential Grey by Sherwin Williams.

From that view, if you turned to the right, you would see this side of the room.

The fabric on the glider and curtains are both Premier Prints, specifically the Bella/Twill collection.  I ordered the glider and ottoman directly from Premier Fabric, and my super awesome mom made the curtains.  They're lined with black-out fabric since there are no blinds on the windows.

The other side of the room has the main door, the bathroom door, and the closet.

That's a quick 360 of the room.  Let's go back to where we started: the crib wall.  The crib was our splurge.  It's the Casablanca crib in Pewter by Bratt Decor.

Like the glider and curtains, the crib bedding is all Premier Prints.  It was hard to get a good shot of the different fabrics, but they're all pink and white.

The bumpers are still missing their ties - those should go on this weekend.  The inside of the bumper pads is a soft pink minky dot.  And yes, the bumpers will come off for a while until she's old enough to have them on her bed.

Above the crib is the alphabet.  Most of the materials for this project (that seemed to take forever!) came from either Hobby Lobby or Michael's.  I bought all the wooden plaques and covered them in either paint, fabric, or scrapbook paper.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but several plaques are painted grey on the sides.  The alphabet is mostly in order except for her monogram that's in the middle.  Hopefully this won't confuse her when she gets older and is learning her ABC's!

The crib is flanked by two pink bookshelves.  These were a last minute addition to the room when, after bringing in the furniture that we had, I decided there was too much room left on the plank wall and something needed to fill in the space.  Doc and I used these plans from Ana White's website and cranked them out over Labor Day weekend.  We labored hard that weekend and completed them from start to finish in a little over 24 hours!  I took some of the pink fabric to Home Depot and had it color-matched, so the bookshelves match the bedding pretty perfectly!

Everything on the shelves is just randomly sitting wherever right now.  I haven't really "styled" them yet.

RIght now, sitting on this bookshelf are these three bunnies.  They're McCarty Pottery and were gifted to us by my mom and two of her best friends (thank you, Mom, Jenny, and Leslie!!).  My whole life, anytime I've seen things like this grouped in threes, I've always thought of them as being me and my two brothers.  Weird, I know, but its' immediately what I thought when I opened these.  It's me, Nick, and Ben!  Of course now, it can be our three children - Wyatt, Anna, and baby girl.

Also on this bookshelf is my mom's old silver cup and spoons.  I opened a sweet silver spoon at one of my baby showers that I've added to them (it's the shinier one!).  I still need to polish these up a little.  I love the little silver cup - it's got my mom's name engraved on it.  Part of our little nugget's name!

I decided to place a lamp on the bookshelf to the left.  That required us to drill a hole in the back of our newly built and freshly painted bookshelf for the cords to go through.  It was hard to do so soon after completing them!  The lamp is just a simple silver one with a white shade from Lowe's and matches the floor lamp beside the glider.  I had a really hard time finding lamps I liked and ended up just going with these so I could call it done.  I think they work fine, though!

The changing table that we refinished sits between the two windows.

It's stocked with all our diaper changing necessities.

Above the changing table is a pink shelf we made while building the bigger bookshelves.  It holds all of the little pink shoes we received as gifts. :)

And above her shoes are two shadowboxes that hold Barbie doll gowns handmade by my grandmother.  When my dad's sisters were little, they played with Barbies all the time and my grandmother made all of their playclothes.  The Barbies got a new wardrobe every year for Christmas!  When I was little, I played with all their Barbies any time I was at my grandmother's house.  I would play for hours!  So, at my last shower, I opened a gift from my grandmother and inside it was our little girl's first Barbie doll and a whole box of handmade Barbie clothes!  What a perfect gift!  Most of the clothes are made out of scrap fabric my grandmother had on hand - which I love because they all look a little vintage.  These two gowns she crocheted and felt much more special.  I thought they deserved to be displayed until our baby girl is old enough to actually play with (and appreciate!) them.

The wardrobe you've seen from this post.  I'm slowly filling it up with all her cute tiny pink clothes!

This chalkboard hangs between the bathroom and closet doors.  It was a gift from my friend, Dana, and is the insert to a cabinet door that she painted.  Cool, huh?

I had a small swatch of pink and grey chevron fabric that I loved, but never could figure out how to work it into the room.  I was afraid it would be too busy to do anything big in.  When we switched out all the outlets from cream to white (this resulted in two days of no electricity in the nursery....electricians we are not), I decided to mod podge the fabric onto one of the old light switch plates just to see if it would work.  It did!  And so I hung it up on the main light switch for the room.

Here's a peek into the bathroom from the nursery.  We did a little mini-reno in here.  The walls and trim both got painted (Pure White and Essential Grey, both Sherwin Williams) and we also had the painters paint the cabinet.  It was a medium shade of brown and they painted it the same as the trim.  The toilet got a new seat and all the hardware and fixtures were switched out.  They were shiny gold but are now a nice brushed nickel.  (Except for all the doorknobs - those are all still shiny gold right now.  They're on the list.)

I forgot to take a closeup of the new knobs on the cabinets, but they're from Anthropologie and are just like the ones on the wardrobe and changing table, except they're clear instead of pink.

The bathroom didn't have a hand towel holder, so I bought a freestanding one from Lowe's.  Pottery Barn Outlet had hand towels in the perfect shade of pink, so I picked up two of them and hung them on the holder.  The pink basket is from Babies R Us and holds all of our baby shampoos and whatnot.  I'm sure they won't stay there for long.

I bought these two birds at a craft fair last weekend.  They are a little brighter than everything else in the nursery, but I loved them enough to hang them anyway.

This is the wall opposite of the sink and toilet.

I didn't get a great shot of the shower curtain, but it was also made by my mom and is another Primier Print.  The curtains in the nursery are white with big pink dandelions; this fabric is pink with small white dandelions.

This painting was another baby shower gift.  It was handpainted by one of my mom's friends and matches the nursery colors perfectly.  And of course, I love this bible verse.

My mom monogrammed a couple towels for us to hang on the towel bar.  I love the girly font.

And that's it!  I hope you enjoyed the tour of our sweet little girl's room.

Right now, this little girl thinks it's her room.

She has no idea who this "Sister" is we keep talking about.

All she knows is someone is coming, and we're all just waiting...

Any day now.  We're officially ready for her!!