Playing Catch Up

I know I've already told you were in the midst of a very busy season, and I'm assuming from my lack of posting over the last week or so you can tell that it hasn't let up any.  Things are still crazy and hectic and there's no sign of them slowing down anytime soon, but tonight I've decided to park it on the couch, watch the Olympics, and try to get caught up on blog posts.  My body could use a night of minimal movement, anyway. I'm going through a lot of pictures and since I like to try to stay in chronological order on the blog, I'm going to be back-tracking a couple weeks.  But first, I thought I'd just write up a quick update with where we are now on several things.  I've already told Doc that I'm not allowed to go to bed tonight until I've written at least 4 blog posts for this week, so get ready to do some reading this week!

First update, and probably the biggest one, is the house situation.  When I last wrote about it, we were awaiting an inspection and we had that done a couple weeks ago.  The inspection came back almost perfect - the first "easy" thing in this whole ordeal - so we were still on to purchase the house.  I think the sellers only tried to back out one time since then, but it's all a little hazy at this point.  The good news though is that we finally closed this past Thursday!  The house is ours!!  We had some last-minute negotiations about taking possession (they didn't really think through the whole your-stuff-has-to-be-out-at-closing part in advance so we gave them a couple extra days after closing) and so right now we're just twiddling our thumbs until 3:00 Monday afternoon when we take possession.  Not much longer!

We aren't planning on actually moving in until around the 17th of this month so we can get a few things done first.  We'll be replacing the carpet in a couple bedrooms and are putting up a plank wall in the nursery.  The master suite and nursery will also get fresh coats of paint.  I've got to get busy picking out paint colors and carpet!

For those of you who have asked about our current house, we have no immediate plans to sell it.  We have met with a rental company and plan on renting it out probably at the beginning of September.  This has really worked out well so we can move out at our own pace (for me these days, that means slow!).

As far as packing goes, I've completed just two rooms: the kids' bedroom and playroom.  They won't sleep at our current house again so I was able to jump on those two rooms first.  Unfortunately, nothing else has been touched.  It will all get done in time though.

While I haven't packed anything, I did take the time to go through each room and pull out stuff to get rid of.  The less junk we have to move, the better.  We had a yard sale at my parents' house this morning to clean out a few things.  We only had one big ticket item - our kitchen table and chairs - and still managed to rake in over $850.  We did way better than I expected us too!  And we didn't even sell out of everything - multiple bags of stuff still got donated.  Also, please learn from my mistake: do not hold a yard sale in the August heat when you're 7+ months pregnant.  It was pretty miserable.

We also sold our kitchen rugs along with the table and chairs, so our kitchen is currently feeling extra spacious and echo-y.  I guess we are officially not inviting guests over anymore!  I've also sent the chair and storage cubes from our bedroom off to be reupholstered so its feeling kinda empty too.  I've stopped putting things away after using them.  Instead, I end up laying them on the floor in our bedroom so they can eventually be packed.  Hopefully we'll be able to stay sane while living in all this chaos over the next couple of weeks.

Non-house-related things have been happening too.  We've had two baby showers already which have been great!  We're getting close to finishing up the two pieces of furniture we're redoing for the baby's room.  Last Sunday Doc (and my dad, brother, and nephew) sang in the choir at church in a special all-male performance.  It was wonderful!  Doc has also done a little bit of traveling and my work continues to be busy.  We helped celebrate the birthday of a friend with a surprise party last Friday night.  I was sick a couple of days this week (self diagnosis: dehydration and possibly a small bug) and am slowly getting my energy back.  Also trying hard to stay hydrated!

I'm sure there's so much more, but that hits most of the highlights!  I am ready for things to slow down a bit but realize it might be a while before that happens.  In the meantime, I'll just keep crossing things off my ever growing to-do list in hopes that one day it will be complete!