Hello!  I'm back from a short blogging break with another update on the ol' pregnancy.

  • As I type, I'm 31 weeks plus 6 days along, which means...

  • Eek!  We're down to single digits!  Tomorrow the 9 will change to an 8 as my due date gets closer and closer.  I'm not going to lie, I'm getting kind of nervous!
  • At this past week's appointment, Baby Girl's heartbeat clocked in at 142.  The doctor said that was good.  I also got the devastating news that I put on TEN pounds in just 3 weeks.  Yikes!  Guess I took celebrating passing my glucose test a little too far.  Let's hope I don't keep this pace up or I'll be the size of a house by the time she arrives!
  • I am now taking an iron supplement with my prenatal vitamins.  I'm just a few days in taking it and already feel a little bit better.  I was SO tired before.  I'm glad to have a little more energy back but could definitely do without the side effects that come with taking iron (if you've taken it before, you know what I'm talking about).
  • Things are beginning to get uncomfortable.  I know I have two months left and shouldn't be complaining since it will only get worse, but I already feel like I'm running out of room for this little girl!  It's hard to imagine how I could possibly get any bigger.  Physically, I could be ready for her to come on out.  Mentally, I'm definitely not ready yet.  Logistically, she just has to stay in a while longer.  There's way too much to do before she arrives!
  • I hesitate to say the restless legs are getting better because they are definitely still there, but I'm figuring out ways to manage them so I can get some sleep.  I've researched home remedies so if they start bugging me, I do lots of stretching and muscle flexing.  I also have another fan by the bed (that makes 3 in our room total now) because I've figured out they're not as bad if I'm cold.  Actually, it's impossible to get me cold these days so I guess I should say they're not as bad is I'm less hot than usual.
  • I'm still taking weekly pics and they're still pretty embarrasing and awkward!  Here are the ones I shared last time.



  • And here are more recent pics of the bump.



  • From the pics you can tell that A) the bump is growing, B) I need a tan, and C) I need a haircut.  Apparently I've decided I can't get my hair done while pregnant. (???) I guess I only have 2 months left, might as well hold out a little longer.  Maybe I'll get it all chopped off after she arrives.
  • We have already been spoiled by many of our friends at two different baby showers.  I'm working on getting the pictures together for those posts, but trust me when I say Baby Girl is racking up some really cute stuff!

I can't think of anything else to update you on so I guess I'll call it quits.  If you were almost 32 weeks pregnant, what would you be doing to prepare for the arrival of your baby?  (Assuming you weren't packing up a house, planning a yardsale, and moving in the next couple of weeks...)