Triple Baby Shower

Almost exactly two years ago to the day, I wrote a post with this exact same title.  It was about a baby shower I hosted at my house for three of my college girlfriends that were all expecting babies.  It was the first round of babies for our group and they were all due in September.  This time, the post is for the exact same thing, except this time I wasn't the one hosting, I was an honoree.  Once again, there are three of us in our group that are all due in September! Here we are - Dana, Me, and Lydia.  Dana is due first, around the 7th.  Lydia is next on the 20th, and then I'm due on the 24th.  Of course, two years ago the due dates were spread out like this too and all 3 babies arrived within 24 hours of each other.  So who knows, it could happen again!

We brought our baby bumps with us.  (And I guess I didn't get the memo to wear coral!)

You would think that for my first ever baby shower, I might remember to bring my camera, right?  Well, I didn't.  Blame it on the pregnancy brain, I guess, but it sat on the counter at my house during the whole shower.  These pictures are all courtesy of Lydia's mom, Gina, and I'm so grateful she shared.  But that means I don't have all the detail shots that I would normally take, but oh well.

I was so excited that this shower fell on the weekend that Doc's parents were in town, so that his mom, Pat could join us.  It was fun to have both of my moms there!  I love this picture - especially because it looks like someone just told my mom we were gonna get to leave with lots of free stuff.  Yesss!

Here's the food table.  Our hostesses - Emily, Jenny, Sarah, and Darbie - did such a great job with everything.  Especially considering two of them traveled for the shower.  I did hear about a mishap with a tray of deviled eggs rolling all over the floorboard of a car, but no one at the shower knew they were missing!  Please ignore the look on my face here; I have no idea what I was looking at outside the window.

Sarah whipped up the petit fours herself and did a great job!  They're little baby blocks and tasted awesome!

I think Jenny was in charge of all the flowers (a job she takes very seriously).  This is just a small vase from the coffee table but they were all very pertty!  (Also, in the top background of this picture, you can kinda see the cute little alphabet cards that Emily strung up around her house.)

After filling up on all the delicious food, the three of us mamas took our places to start opening gifts.  We really racked up, too!  Here I am opening up the gift we all three received from the hostesses.

This isn't the best picture of it, but you can kinda tell what it was as Dana opens hers.  We all got the sweetest pair of tiny pink TOMS for our little girls!

Here's Lydia with another gift we all got - cute little bloomers.  Hers and Dana's were both monogrammed and were so precious.  I guess if we ever decide on a name I can have mine monogrammed too.

One of my favorite things that I brought home that day is this chalkboard sign that Dana made.  It's made out of a cabinet door insert and she painted it to match our nurseries (Lydia's is purple, mine is grey).  Be on the lookout for it to show up again in a nursery post one day!  (Not sure who I'm pointing at.  Maybe this is when I told my mom she should open a daycare?)

Another fun gift we all three received was a Hello Kitty quilt that Lydia's grandmother made for us.  I have a little niece that will probably try to claim this as her own if she ever sees it!

I won't bore you with a picture of every gift we received, but trust me when I say I left with a car full of goodies!  From things like daygowns and girly outfits to practical items like bumbos, boppys, and diaper bags.

The party didn't end once all the gifts were opened.  We still had some betting to do!  Just like at the last triple shower, we had a baby pool to guess when each of the sweet babies will arrive.  For a dollar a guess, you could purchase a day on each of our calendars.  I didn't win for any of the births last time, so I'm crossing my fingers I have better luck this time!  (And trying not to hold a grudge about all the purchased days that fall past my due date.)

Before leaving, we made sure to get a group picture of all the college friends that were there.  I loved spending my Saturday with these girls!

For those of you reading that were there, thank you so much for spoiling me and baby girl!  We are so blessed to have such great friends that care so much about our little baby already!!