Back to Reality

I guess I forgot to mention last week that we were heading to the beach!  Actually, we went to Florida.  It was too cold to spend much time at the beach.  My parents, Doc and I took a long-weekend vacation to the Rosemary/Seacrest/Seaside area.  We spent three nights there and guess how many pictures I have to show you? Zero.  I spent three nights at a farm and had enough pictures for eight blog posts.  That's not so much the case here...I took a weekend off from lugging the camera around. Well, ok, I do have one picture.  I took this one with my phone.  See?  Proof: we were near the beach.


We had a jam-packed weekend.  My parents had never seen this area of Florida so we tried to cram in every little part of it that we could.  We toured everywhere from Panama City Beach to Rosemary to Seacrest to the San Destin outlet malls.  And while our bank accounts may be hurting just a little bit, we did make progress on all of our Christmas shopping.  The guys managed to squeeze in rounds of golf at two different golf courses. 

And that was the extent of our vacation.  We ate and shopped and golfed.  And then we drove and drove and drove home.  Why is it the trip home always feels longer?

Now we're back to reality and I do not like it.  Because of the time change I have to turn my headlights on when driving home from work.  There should be a rule where it can't be that dark that early.  It's also getting colder and I hate the cold.  If you know me at all,  you know I'm always freezing, even if it's not cold outside.  It's safe to say we're heading into my not-so-favorite season, but I'll try to be pleasant.

Doc has started training hard for the half-marathon he's running in a few weeks.  He's been upping the length of his runs, which means he's gone for longer.  I don't really like that either.  I've been trying to spend all my spare time in the woodshop trying to get ready for the shop sale.  It's the same weekend as his half-marathon and it's quickly approaching!  I still have LOTS to do.  Otherwise we'll only have a handful of things to sell.

So that's our short and sweet update.  It's dark and cold and we're busy.  On a more positive note, I'm working on plans for another giveaway.  There will be a chance for you to win something fun (not sure what yet, but it will awesome) so check back soon!