Family Picture Day

We've been experiencing a drought in our neck of the woods. So much so that there was a ban against farmers burning their fields.  Honestly, the lack of rain wasn't bothering me.  I don't like rainy days and I had already said goodbye to my summer flowers. Two weeks ago, I sent an email to everyone in my family announcing family picture day.  Mom and Dad's backyard, fall clothes, immediately following church on Sunday.  Everyone honored my request and was there on time.  Mom even prepared a big lunch for us.

And that's when the rain came.  It poured and poured and poured all day long.  Ugh.  I started having visions of last year's picture day - it was cancelled three times before it ever actually happened.

I mentally flipped through our calendar and remembered we were scheduled to have the kids again this past weekend.  Rain date - this past Saturday.  Same plan: Mom and Dad's backyard, fall clothes, 11:00 sharp.  Be there or be square.

This time the rain clouds stayed away and we were able to have our photo shoot.  Last year, we had a real photographer.  This year, we had me and a tripod.  This is what I learned:

1 - I am not a real photographer. 2 - The sun is very bright. 3 - Two-year-olds do not pose and smile for the camera. 4 - It doesn't take much to break a tripod.

Me trying to play photographer was a bit of a joke.  I really think I'm getting worse at it.  At any rate, we were able to get a semi-decent shot of the whole group so I'm happy to report that Mom and Dad will be able to send out a Christmas card this year. Phew.  And since some of you might be recipients of said Christmas card, I'm not going to share those pictures here.  Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, now would we?

But don't you worry, I do have some non-Christmas-card-quality pictures from the photo shoot to share.

Anna is so great.  She let me take tons of pictures of her while I tried to get my camera settings right.

These two munchkins are not the best at modeling, but when they're this cute, how can you not look at them and say aaaawww?

It doesn't matter how hard I try, I cannot get Bren to smile at me when I have my camera.

Doc and his mini-me.

Mimi and Poppy.

These two are the best of friends these days.  I love seeing them play together.

Our first attempt at a picture with just the five grandkids was on the slide.  And it was hysterical watching the two little ones.  Oh to be Parker, the youngest of the five, who, while all his cousins were squinting, smiling, and holding him up, just laid back and basked in the sun.  What a life!

You gotta love this one too, when Bren just decided she'd had enough of that pose.

This little boy would slide all day long if you'd let him.

And Wyatt is the big climber of the group.

Best buds, I tell ya.

This picture cracks me up because, as you can see, right as I was taking the picture, Jett reached up and slapped his dad in the face.

And then in the next picture, I can just hear his dad saying, "Son, what were you thinking?"  And Jett just giggled uncontrollably.

(I laughed too.  I thought it was hilarious when it happened and seeing it in the pictures makes it even better.)

Parker's parents helped him walk up the slide. Excuse the very overexposed background.

I'm not going to spoil the surprise of our family's Christmas card picture either, but I will show you our shoes!

I tried to get one of just the two girls.  Bren's actually smiling at her mom but it almost looks like she's smiling for me.

That's about all I can share for now since some have to be kept secret.  Want a hint about our Christmas card pictures? We'll be wearing the clothes we're wearing in all of these pictures. :)