More Phone Pics

It seems silly that this morning I was concerned about how long it's been since I last blogged, considering there are many, many people waking up with their lives changed forever in the wake of yesterday's Boston bombings.  I can't imagine what would compel someone to do something like this and it breaks my heart for all those involved.  Just like the Mr. Rogers quote that's circulating says, in times like this we must look for the helpers.  Look for the good.  I pray for a speedy recovery for those injured and peace for those who have lost loved ones.  And God bless all those that are there to help. Today I have another post full of poor-quality iPhone pics for you.  Part of me hates doing these because it takes me forever to go through my camera roll and pick which ones to use and then I painstakingly email them all to myself and then save them to my computer from my email.  I know all you techy people would probably just plug your phone in and download them that way, but I rarely, if ever, plug in my phone because nearly every time I do, something goes wrong.  So it's a long process that I dread.  But at the end of the day I really want to have Katie's life documented here - especially since I have zero desire to scrapbook - so that I can remember all of these sweet times.  And Katie, when you're 25 and finally allowed to read this blog, hopefully you'll know that your mama put a lot of effort into recording your life.

The biggest change in our daily routine these days is that bathtime has moved from the sink to the bathtub!  Doc thinks this is much easier; I think it's incredibly hard.  She slips and slides while I try to wash her and I can't scrub all those places that are under the water!  Katie, of course, loves every minute of it and doesn't ever want to get out.

In addition to sitting up in the bathtub, she is also sitting up in a high chair!  This one is at her Mimi's house and is the same one that her mama, uncles, and all of her cousins have used.  We still don't have a real high chair at our's on the to-do list.

A week or so ago, we got to keep my niece, Bren, for a few hours after school.  She was the BEST helper with Katie Wynn!  First, we had to take her on a walk. 

Then, we had to play in Katie Wynn's room.  Brennie opened the closet and all the drawers so she could go through all of Katie Wynn's clothes, and exclaimed that they were all "so cute!" and "so adorable!"

When dinner time rolled around, I knew a certain 4 year old that would really want to get in on the action!  She begged to help feed Katie, so I let her. 

Needless to say, it was not our cleanest meal to date.

A messy meal obviously has to be followed by a bath.  I hope this is the first of many baths together for these sweet cousins!  (Please note that Lolli had to supervise.)

I don't know how it happened, but this little girl spent one morning enjoying our bed all to herself.

Doc was quick on the draw and managed to snap this picture of Wyatt feeding Katie her bottle before he was able to duck out of the way.  I guess it's not cool for teenage boys to feed their little sisters, but I think he enjoyed it even if he wouldn't admit it. :)

Out to eat and enjoying hanging out in Mimi's lap.

We have this tough period of time every evening after I pick KW up from her sitter's.  I know she's tired but it's almost time for her to eat and she's too excited to be home to go down for a nap.  The result is that she barely makes it through her dinner before crashing.  On this particular night, she didn't even make it out of her bumbo seat.

Wyatt got to travel to Nashville to participate in the state Geography bee.  He placed 26 out of 100!  (Well, technically out of the whole state, I guess.)  We are so proud of him!  The good thing about your teenager having a cell phone is that you can text him pictures like this from his littlest sister the morning of the competition.

I took Katie Wynn up to my office one afternoon that I wasn't working so my coworkers could see how big she's getting.  She was immediately hired as the new Director of Accounting and put to work!

Later that same day, we stopped by Mimi's house.  The weather was so nice that I couldn't resist cleaning off the baby swing to see if she'd like it.  No surprise there - she loved it! I have a feeling I'll be hearing "Push me, Mama!" a lot in the upcoming years. 

Coordinating outfits.  I couldn't resist.  Aren't we a cute pair?

My two lovies dressed in pink for church!  On this particular Sunday morning, we got up early, got cleaned up and dressed, hit both Lowe's and Home Depot (30 minutes away) to buy flowers and plants, had donuts for breakfast, made it home and unloaded the car, did a load of laundry, and still made it to church early enough to take pictures.  Impressive, no?  (We all had a nap that afternoon.)

When we moved, I was so sad to leave our cherry blossom tree behind.  It is one of my very favorite things about spring.  I never realized when we moved into our current house that the two trees that flank the house are cherry blossoms!  They are in full bloom right now and I love it!

A sad attempt to get a picture of Katie Wynn in the cherry blossom tree.  One day she'll be able to climb it herself and we'll get a better one.

We had a playdate with some new friends of ours.  Addi Clare is just 5 days older than Katie Wynn.  I hope they will be lifelong friends!  This is the first time I was able to plop KW down on the floor with someone her own size and see how they would react to each other.  There was a little bit of toy-stealing...

...and a whole lot of face/bib/paci grabbing.  But I think they had fun!  Future BFFs for sure.

One evening I took pictures during our nighttime routine.  Here she is all bundled up after her bath, and I have to constantly push Lolli off from giving her a second bath of doggie kisses.

Interested in her brush.

I love that she's finally holding toys and playing with them.  Her Poppy picked the monkey up for her when he was on vacation.  I think she loves it!

I tried so hard to get her to go down for a nap on her Mimi's bed one morning.  She kept pushing up on her hands and knees to fight it off.  She finally gave up and face planted into a nap.  Can you tell she's still up on her knees?  There's no way that could've been comfortable...

Fighting naps was a theme that day because later in the afternoon I took these pictures of her doing it again.

She discovered the monitor that we had sitting over in the corner of her bed and decided to play with it.  She did this early one morning too and from our bedroom, when she's holding it and/or chewing on it, it sounds awful coming through the monitor speakers!  It has since been relocated.  (Plus side of having your mom make crib bumpers for you?  They're in four indvidual pieces.  We have only put up three sides of bumpers because I love being able to see her from the front!)

That short-lived nap created some funny bed hair!

This past weekend, Katie Wynn and I participated in our first 5k together.  I hope it's the first of many!  I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it or not since I haven't done a lot of long-distance walking lately, but we did great.  Beat about 20 people, even!  (It was a small race, less than 150 participants.)  She loved being in her stroller and her older brother and sister both high-fived her as we make it past where they were cheering us on.

I just can't resist a baby in a diaper.  So stinking cute!  She was just sitting and playing by herself one morning while we got ready for work.

She heard my camera click and turned and gave me a grin.  Love her.

We had more great weather yesterday so we hung out on the patio and played after dinner.  After reading and watching the news all day, I just wanted to soak up every minute with my baby.

Mimi and Poppy made it back from vacation last night and stopped back to pick up their dog (we kept Henry for them).  They were so glad to see Katie bug!

And I think that gets us caught up to today!  I have been busy making some fun things on my sewing machine that I hope to show you in the next post.  Stay tuned!