Sew Busy!

My mom and I have both been "sew" busy at our sewing machines and at her embroidery machine!  She has had an embroidery machine for years - I think she bought it when my nephew Jett was born and he's 7 now - but I never really had any interest in learning how to use it until recently.  Mom always told me I'd get the bug when I had my own little person to sew/monogram for, and she was right! I wish that I had pictures of everything that we've done recently, because we've cranked out some really cute stuff!  But a lot of it has been for gifts and I stupidly didn't take pictures of any of it before wrapping it up and giving it away.  Darn!

So that means I mostly just have pictures of everything for Katie Wynn.  I've been slapping her monogram on everything lately.  The picture below is a onesie, two pairs of bloomers and a really cute bubble that I can't wait for her to wear this summer.

Playing on the floor in a bird applique shirt I did a while back.  Onesies are really hard to do, but thanks to some YouTube videos and some pointers from our friend Lindsay, we're getting much better at them!

I love this circle monogram applique.  The shirt she's wearing below was the first time I'd done it, so the spacing is all wrong, but I've done it several more times since then and love it!

Easter egg I made exactly one week before Easter.  She wore it every other day that week. :)

Sometimes friends ask me to do monogram things for them, and I really don't mind but I have to issue a disclaimer that I could totally ruin their product.  That's the nerve-racking part of it.  This wine bottle holder didn't turn out as well as it could have, but it's ok.

These towels were for a gift for another friend.  Love this font.

Ok, switching gears from the embroidery machine and the sewing machine.   My mom has cranked out some really cute dresses lately!  (Good thing too, because Katie didn't have any church dresses that fit!)  The one below is a really pretty spring green with pink flowers.  Obviously Katie loved it. :)

This is the dress that Mom made Katie Wynn for Easter.  It has cute little ducks on it.  I had specifically asked for something not too Easter-y (bunnies and eggs) because I wanted KW to be able to wear it more than just the one time. 

Precious seer-sucker bubble that has the same circle monogram applique I mentioned above.  We have this in a boy pattern too that I'm about to attempt for some cuties I know!

 Another sweet church dress.  I love the flutter sleeves on this one.

Mom took the smocking up to the next level on this one by weaving a pink ribbon through it.  She's got mad skills, y'all.

She doesn't make just fancy dresses though!  This little number is reversible!  Green with a flower on one side...

...and just the flower print on the other side.  It has bloomers that match (you can see them in the picture above).

This dress is from a pattern that I picked out, but it's way past my skill level! 

I love this fabric that we bought.  It's typewriter keys and we thought the ruffle/bloomer fabric kinda looked like pencil lines on a piece of paper, so kinda coordinating themes.

I decided to dust off my sewing machine and get in on the sewing action.  I told Mom I was going to start with a simple quilt that was all straight lines.  (The idea came from Pinterest, of course.)  "It should be easy," I said, "since it's all straight lines."  "I think it'll be harder than you think," Mom told me.  She was right.  Not as easy as I thought it would be.  Also, in my head it was going to be gigantic.  Like, bigger than a bedspread.  This was going to be our picnic quilt or our take to the park quilt.  In reality, it's a whopping four feet by four feet.  Whomp whomp.  But still cute, no?

You can't really tell but the back is pink with white polka dots and you can see the chevron pattern since that's how I quilted it.

With the quilt turning out somewhat successful, I decided to try my hand at making something for Katie.  I found this pattern online and it's called the easiest dress ever so I figured it was a good place to start.  I made it out of seer-sucker and added a pink monogram before stitching it all together.

I love the criss cross in the back!

I upped my difficulty level and attempted a pair of matching bloomers.  Success!  And not nearly as hard as I thought they would be.

Here's the dress on a hanger for a better view.  I had to alter the pattern to fit Katie since it just came in 3-6 month size.

The best part is that it can be reversible!  I lined it in pink seer-sucker but you can see the darker one through it, so I probably won't ever reverse this particular one.

Last weekend I got stitch-happy and cranked out three  more of these dresses!  One for sweet baby Olivia...

And these two matching ones are for Katie Wynn and her friend Addi Clare.  I love this chevron!

And this time I made them reversible.  LOVE them!

And I made bloomers to complete the outfits.

I think it's official, I've got the sewing bug!  I just downloaded a bib pattern last week and spent the weekend cutting them out and monogramming them.  Now I've just got to sew them all together.  Anyone in need of a bib?  I could probably make them adult-sized...