6 Months!

Can  you believe that Katie Wynn is already six months old?  I swear, time is flying by.  I want her to stay my little bitty baby forever! You may remember back when she was three months, I shared that I am taking three different sets of monthly pictures.  Well, here we are three months later and they're still going strong.  Looks like I could actually make it the whole year!

The first pose is the most traditional one - same chair every time with a sign for the date and month.

I love her expression in this one.  She's excited about being 5 months old!

If you look closely at the chalkboard sign, you can tell that this month is when she finally noticed the sign and got interested in it.  Half the pictures I took are of her holding it or rubbing her hands all over it.  This could get tricky going forward.

The next set of pictures are just of me and her on the front steps.  These are definitely the ones that produce the funniest faces from her.  I'm not sure if it's because it's usually cold or if it's too bright or what, but it's hard to get a good smile out of her in these quick photoshoots.  I chose the one below for the four months photo because I loved the little angel wings on her outfit.

Five months and happy!

This is one of my new favorite.  She's wearing a dress made by her grandmother and a sweater made by her great-grandmother!

The last set is themed for each month.  These are sometimes the hardest.  We had no snow in January so I decided to go with the New Year's theme (thanks for the idea, Alexis!).  Unfortunately, if you wait until the end of January to start looking for a party hat like I did, you won't be able to find them anywhere.  I lucked into a friend having one left over from a party (thanks, Kelly!) which was a tad big but definitely better than nothing!  Katie was not in the mood for pictures at all this day, and she couldn't sit up on her own yet so this one was tough.

She got attacked by kisses in the month of love!  And not just from her mama.  Yes, folks, Doc slathered on the lipstick so he could get in on the action too.  It kinda looks like she's been beaten, but I assure you she was not. :)

You already saw this one, but St. Patty's Day was the perfect theme for March.

This next quarter's going to be pretty hard.  What do I do for April, May, and June?  There are no easy holidays to play off of.  Ideas, anyone?

Here's some info about Katie Wynn at 6 months:

  • She weighs 16 pounds, 14 ounces and is 25.75" long.  She is in the 75-90 percentile for length and 50-75 percentile for weight and head circumference.  Her doctor says our long baby is pretty perfect!
  • Still no teeth, but I have a feeling they're coming soon.  She has a constant waterfall of drool pouring out of her mouth.
  • She has been sitting up on her own for about three weeks now.
  • She can push up on her hands and knees but isn't crawling yet.  She can scooch backwards and covers a lot of ground that way!
  • She can roll over both ways and has been doing that for at least two months.
  • So far she has eaten both rice and oatmeal cereals (loves 'em), carrots (doesn't like), squash, sweet potatoes, and a mixture of peach, banana, and granola.  Surprisingly, she doesn't like the fruit at all (so far).  She might've also had a teeny tiny lick of her mama's ice cream bar and absolutely loved it!
  • She is no longer swaddled but is sleeping in her zippadee zip.  She still sleeps all through the night, and we are very thankful!
  • She babbles and talks ALL the time.  Girl has a lot to say!
  • She can pick things up and hold them.  She loves her Sophie giraffe, teething toys, books, and rubber spatulas.  She also loves to spend time in her jumperoo.
  • She now takes baths in the big bathtub and seems to like it.  She hasn't figured out splashing yet so it's still a pretty quick and clean process.

I love this little girl more than anything and can't imagine life without her!