Babies in a Bucket

A couple weeks ago, Katie Wynn and I got to have an all-day playdate with this precious little girl!

That's Addi Clare and she's just five days older than KW.  Her mama and I have decided they will be BFFs. :)

Actually, we had a triple-playdate because Ballerina Bren (and Mimi) came over to play too!

You may remember from my sewing post that I had made a couple of matching reversible dresses.  Well, Addi Clare is who the other one was for, so I made sure her mom packed hers in her bag so we could have a photoshoot!

These next three pictures in a row crack me up because they're facial expressions are so in sync!

When we first started, they were both in the mood to chat.

"Hey Mom."

A few camera clicks in and I realized we were right in the middle of Addi Clare's nap time.  Rats!

My mom held her while I continued shooting pics of Katie Wynn.

I just love her silly little grins.

Did I mention that this galvanized tub may be my new favorite photoshoot prop?  I'm kinda wishing I had used it for monthly pictures.

I love this one!

Since her dress was reversible, it only took me a second to flip it over for an all new look.

These faces make me smile too.  I think she was watching Lolli get in trouble for running off.[gallery ids="8968,8969,8970"]

This one's in the running for my favorite one.

Ooh, or this one.  I just can't decide.

I'm so glad I caught this shot because you can see how cute the back of her top is and the coordinating bloomers!  Don't worry, she did not topple over.

I just wanna kiss all over that bare back, neck, and shoulders!  I have a feeling I'm going to love summer clothes.

Inspecting the grass.

Laughing at her Mimi.

We flipped Addi Clare's dress over too and put her back in for more pictures.  Did I mention it was her nap time?

I think this picture is absolutely precious!! If they are long-time BFFs, this one will definitely have to be on their senior yearbook page or something.  Just two babies hangin' out in a bucket.

Mom and I picked up the bucket by the handles and turned them around.

Sweet, sweet babies.

How many more ways can I use this bucket?? Maybe with a bunch of flowers for her May photo??