Mother's Day

Ok, I'm playing catch up with pictures from Mother's Day a couple weeks ago.  Like last year, my sister-in-law Beth hosted us all for lunch after church.  We weren't just celebrating my Mom; we were celebrating the birthdays of my brother Nick and my nephew Jett too. We were the first to arrive and were greeted by this cutie-patootie.

She's in a phase right now where she always wants to make a silly face picture (followed by "lemme see!).  I officially volunteer to be in charge of the slideshow at her wedding rehearsal dinner...I'm pretty sure I'll have lots of "good" pictures by then. 

Bren and her Mama.

And her Mama's sissy, Shea.  Shea is getting married this year and Bren is going to be her flower girl princess.  She's excited!

Speaking of princesses, ours was sound asleep.

So I carried on with my photoshoot of Bren with everybody else.

Sweet brother and sister.

My outfit screams Accountant.  I may never wear it again.

Also?  I really need a tan.  Bren is pretty stinkin' cute though.

Never a dull moment with my Dad.  (How do you photograph people who wear glasses?  Tricky.)

Here is Nick opening the gift we got him (new shirt).

Jett opened his gift from us (wii game) at the same time.

Birthday boys with their birthday loot.

Mom opening her first gift from us.

It was a new cell phone cover with a picture of all seven of her grandbabies.

She was pretty excited about her second gift from us.  I can't wait to show it to you guys.  Post and tutorial coming soon.

Guess who woke up in time to enjoy some of the party?

Just watching all the excitement.  I think her face has been covered in drool/slobber for the last three months straight. 

The only picture I got of Uncle Ben was when he was making silly faces at Katie bug.  (We missed Aunt Erin who was home with a sick baby Ramer!)

Birthday boys again.  I can't believe Jett is 8 years old!!

These two were first to the table for cake time.

That's right, keep 'em coming, kids.  Just more good photos for the slideshow...


Jett had had a birthday party with his friends the day before, so this cake was more geared towards Nick.  He attended some of the Masters golf tournament this year so Beth ordered a Masters cake.


They blew out all the candles!  (Probably with some sneaky help from Bren.)

And that was it!  After stuffing our faces with cake, we all split up and went our separate ways.  My Mother's Day started out with breakfast in bed and a bike ride with my two favorites.  Then we attended a good church service, had a yummy lunch with all my family, and spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy.  A pretty good first Mother's Day if you ask me!