Sunday Meals

Hello? Anyone still out there? Sorry for my absence over the past week. I've been a busy girl again! But I plan on getting you caught up on everything this week, plus I have a little something fun in store for you.

Ok, before I move on to this weekend, I have a few more pictures from the weekend Doc's parents were here to post.  That Sunday, they joined us at church and then we headed over to my parents' house for lunch. We were excited to take them there because they finally got to see their patio set that we made them.

We let them choose their own paint color and guess what they chose...


I think they were pretty pleased with how it turned out. Doc delivered it to their house this past weekend.

We had a few little people join us for lunch.

Because we had such a big group, the kids got to sit up at the bar all by themselves. It looked just like my two brothers and me when we used to eat up there as little kids.

You know what the only thing better than dinner by Doc is? Dinner by Doc and his parents.  They put together a great menu for the evening and it was so delicious!

Pat whipped up a wonderful homemade cheese souffle. I tried very hard to pay attention but I doubt I'll ever be able to make it as well.

Doc seared scallops for the first time ever. I hope he remembers what he did because they were awesome!

We also made my Aunt K's salad, which is always a big hit.

Bill and I mostly watched while they slaved away in the kitchen.

They seem to love us even if we are no help.

The four of us managed to eat every last bite - all the scallops, the whole bowl of salad, and we scraped the sides of the souffle dish.

Needless to say, when Doc's parents are around, the eatin' is gooooood.