This weekend we've been lucky enough to have Doc's parents here with us and all to ourselves. The kids just returned home from camp on Friday and Doc's parents will be picking them up from their mom's house Monday morning to take them to the great state of Indiana for a week.  I have a feeling they're going to have a lot of fun with their Lala and Poppa this upcoming week! Since we were kid-free for the weekend, we decided to go out for a nice grown-up dinner Saturday night. Doc and I decided we should take them to Flight, a restaurant that serves flights of wine as well as flights of every other course of the meal.  It's a great way to get to taste lots of things on the menu!

We all prettied ourselves up for the occasion.

You may have noticed, but my husband is one fine-looking man.

He must get his good looks from his pretty momma. (Sorry, Bill!)

My meal got off to a great start with a flight of wine.

And before we knew it, our table was full of food.

A flight of salads for Pat:

One big salad for Doc:

A flight of soups for Bill:

And a big bowl of soup for me: (delicious!)

Next up were the entrees. For me, veal tenderloin with lump crab meat and asparagus on the left, beef filet and onions over potatoes in the middle, and shrimp and grits on the right. I probably don't even have to tell you how awesome it was. Surprisingly, the veal tenderloin was my favorite.

Doc had (from back to front) lamb chop over spring vegetables, rib eye over au gratin potatoes, and grouper with black rice.  He said the grouper was his favorite.

Patricia had the lamb chops that Doc had, plus the beef filet special with au gratin potatoes, and seared tuna over an asian salad. Is your mouth watering yet?

And finally, Bill had the veal tenderloin like me (in front), the grouper over black rice like Doc (back), and orange glazed duck over rice (in the center).

Good food + full bellies = happy people.

While the idea of having three desserts each sounded phenomenal, we were way too stuffed to go through with it. Plus, there were still cupcakes at home that needed to be eaten.

While waiting for the valet to bring our car, Pat and I took a picture in our semi-matching outfits.

And here's a pic of three people who I'm glad to get to call my family.

Next time anyone's looking for somewhere good to go eat, head to Flight! And if you want company, call us. We'd happily go again!