Dessert Dreams...Shattered

It wouldn't be a Sunday afternoon if we didn't blow something up in my mom's kitchen, would it? Or at least that's how it seems things have been going lately. This time, though, I'm happy to say it wasn't my fault. Doc and I were sitting at the island while my mom was making a dessert for tomorrow night's dinner. She was making 4-Layer Cake, or as my friends and I like to call it, Girdle Buster. It starts with a crust on the bottom made from a stick of butter, a cup of flour and pecans. Instead of melting the butter in the microwave, my mom placed the stick of butter in her glass dish on top of low heat on the stove. She stirred it around until it melted, then added the flour and pecans and kept stirring.

And then it all blew up.


Somehow we all managed to escape the flying shards of glass so, thankfully, none of us were hurt. I'm just hoping that round 2 goes much better so we can have dessert after my birthday dinner!