Birthday Celebration: 1 of 3

My birthday is such a big event that it's going to take three posts for me to tell you all about it. It started out fabulous. Who doesn't love breakfast and presents in bed?

I got to open presents from Doc and his parents. From him I got a gift certificate so I can buy some new swimmy suits for our beach vacations this summer. My mother-in-law knitted me super soft, super cute shoulder wrap.  She is very talented and I can't wait to use it. I also got a baking mat to use when making cookies and whatnot. I have a feeling it's going to get put to use very soon, maybe even this weekend.

I tend to think that everyone should get to take the day off of work when it's their birthday, but alas, I had to go in. But to be a work day, it was pretty good. I had lunch with three of my Memphis besties which is always very fun. It was hard to go back to work but when I pulled into campus God smiled down on my and opened up a parking spot on the very front row! That would've been especially awesome if I hadn't walked all the way to the parking garage that afternoon before remembering that my car was right up front. Sigh...  We had chocolate chip pound cake at work to celebrate my birth. It was very yummy.

Remember when I said colorful flowers make me happy? Well take a look at these sunshiny little guys that perked up to tell me happy birthday!

They've been hunkered down and bundled up all winter, but they have finally decided to spring to life this week. I love them. Every time I look down I feel like they're just smilin' up at me.

There was still more partying to do. Stay tuned!