The After Party

After the triple shower a couple of Saturdays ago, we made plans to hang out again later that night.  Like I mentioned in that post, a few of our friends had traveled from out of town and it had been a while since we'd all seen each other.  (Now that we're all married, we don't have showers and weddings every other weekend for us to catch up at!)  The baby shower was a good excuse for us to plan a low-key hangout night so we could all visit.  Thanks to Jenny and Darrin for offering your house for the get-together! Like most of our coed gatherings, we ended up with the girls in one room and the guys in the other.  I don't really have much commentary for the evening since we mostly just talked and hung out, so this post is mostly going to be just pictures.

Emily and I have a difficult time taking pictures together.  I can't tell you how many outtakes I have of this where at least one of us is doing something stupid.

Work that bump, Lydi!

I tried to get a shot of each couple there but couldn't catch some of them together at the same time.

These two = never serious.

We had to take a girl picture before ending the night.  The two shorties of the group - Allison and Darbie - took their normal squatted position down front.

And then Doc, our photographer, told them they could probably just stand up and everyone would still be seen...

We tried to get a group shot with all the husbands too.  Poor Lydia offered to take the picture - her hubs wasn't able to make the trip.  She should be glad she wasn't in it, though, because everything about this picture is awkward.

And then things just got weird.  The guys decided to squat in front of the girls (no clue why??) which I guess was fine until Emily decided to ride her preacher husband and Darbie mounted Kendall... Yea, I don't know.

That was probably the sign that it was time to call it a night.  :)