Triple Baby Shower

Last Sunday was finally the day of the Triple Baby Shower that I've been planning for months. In fact, I started planning it in my head back in February when three of my college friends announced their pregnancies. Let's think about that last part for just a second - three of my college friends are pregnant! As in, come September, they'll be moms to the cutest, littlest peanuts on Earth and another human being will actually depend on them for survival. Holy cow! When did we grow up??

Ok, back to the shower. So - 3 pregnant girls, 3 baby bumps, and a whole lotta guests. I had a lot to do to get ready!

First step: flowers.  I love having fresh flowers in my house when we have company. It just makes the world of difference.

I made these cute new vases out of wood scraps.

And I made some red ones, too, to go on both sides of the mantle.

The rest of the flowers just went in regular ol' vases.

Next step: fabric decorations.  My mom and I found the cutest kids' fabrics and definitely wanted to use them somehow. She made a table cloth for my kitchen table and a table runner for the dining room table.

I used some of the fabric scraps to make a banner to hang.

And then: diaper cakes. Two of the mommies-to-be are having a little boys, and the third is having a surprise. So my color scheme became blue and green (for the boys) and yellow (for the surprise). I made a mini diaper cake for each baby.

And finally: food!  I'm not very good at cooking, but I do love to bake. While preparing for this shower, I went through five cake mixes and eight cans of frosting! First, I made three giant cupcakes to match the color scheme and I let the preggo girls take these home.

But, it wouldn't be fair if all the guests didn't get to eat cupcakes too, would it? So I made a big batch of mini cupcakes and of course, made the icing match the theme.

There was lots of non-sweet food there too, made by my mom. Things like a fruit tray,

pita chips and dip, ham and cheese biscuits,

and chicken salad sandwiches.

It was fun planning and preparing for the shower, but you know what really made the party so great? The people!

Here are the three mommies:

And they brought their babies with them too.

Here's Roxy. She's having a baby boy, to be named Rowan Avery.

Dana's having a little boy, too. He will be named Joshua Turner.

And Emily's the one having a surprise. Surely the odds are in her favor to have a little girl, right?

Won't be long before they hear...

It was so good to see so many of my college friends! Look at how many of my sorority sisters were able to make it.

And I think that picture is even missing a couple.

I wouldn't have been able to pull this shower off without the help of my mom. She's the best co-hostess ever!

There were lots of other moms too so it was kind of a reunion for them too.

I may be biased, but I think the shower was a great success. We had a great turnout and the girls seemed to make out with lots of good loot.

So now, we just wait.  During the shower, we had a baby pool set up so everyone could buy the day they thought the babies would arrive.

I'd really like some extra cash, so here's hoping they arrive on the days I purchased!