Saturday Night Fun

Whew! What a weekend! Not sure what you did, but we hosted 3 parties at our house.  One was very impromptu, one was planned last spring, and the other was planned about 24 hours in advance. You could say it was a full 48 hours! Saturday night was the very impromptu party.  I found out one of my friends was going to be in town so I decided to invite another one to come visit with us too.  Before we knew it, we had several friends over! I was gross and in major need of a shower, but your real friends don't care about that, right?

Speaking of real friends, only they would cheer you on as you make giant cupcakes. Yep, as they watched one disastrous cake stick to the pan and me have a mini panic attack, they cheered excitedly as the replacement cake slid out of the pan perfectly. I gotta tell you, it's much more fun working in the kitchen when your friends are there helping you and giving you praise.

So, who was there? Glad you asked.

Lydia made the 3 hour drive.  She actually stayed the night with her parents, but we were very glad she came over to hang out for a while.

Also in attendance were Sarah and Allison.  They used to be neighbors but now Allison lives in our town. Sarah came to stay the night with us so she wouldn't miss out on the fun. It was good to see her!

Chris came with Allison and they picked up a couple pizzas on their way. (That's why we love them!)

The Washburn family came earlier in the evening too, but had to leave to go home for dinner. Mary Elizabeth saw the panic in my face when I realized I might not have enough glasses for the next day's party, so she came to my rescue and drove all the way back over later that night to bring more glasses. Thanks, M.E.!

And last, but certainly not least, Doc was there too. Like I've said before, I don't think I could ever host a party without him! He kept the drinks going for all of us and ran to the store to grab more cake mix when I needed it.

I really am so lucky to have such great friends. I don't know that I could survive without all of them.

The next day's party was much bigger.  I have lots of pictures to share with you so check back soon!