Family and Frogs

After the impromptu party last Saturday night, and the triple shower Sunday afternoon, it only made sense for us to invite my family over Sunday evening to help us eat all the leftovers. Bren came and brought her momma with her.

And ooooh does she love her momma!

Parker brought his momma too, and he showed up ready to eat!

Bren looked the apples over to decide if they were good enough for her to eat.

Both of these little kiddos really love their Poppy.

Doc and I may have been really tired, but we were very glad to have help eating all the leftover food so it didn't have to go back in our fridge.

I have been telling my five-year-old nephew, Jett, about all the frogs we have in our neighborhood. Some nights, they're everywhere! He loves frogs, so we have been planning a big frog hunt at my house. And we decided last Sunday night was the night. After dinner, we headed outside.

While we got our hunting gear ready, someone tried to escape.

We passed out all the frog holders and were ready to go.

The two little ones stood back and watched while Jett and I chased the fast frogs.

We finally got a hold of one! As Jett said, "Awww, yeah."

We hunted and hunted but we never found anymore frogs. It was still too early in the evening. And for any of you animal rights activists out there, yes, we let the frog go.

Our hunting trail conveniently led us straight to the playground, and the lack of more frogs was quickly forgotten.

Did I mention that it was really, really hot? All of us had sweaty heads before long.

But that didn't stop us from climbing on top of everything!

There's nothing sweeter than seeing cousins holding hands and sliding together.

Bren's playtime took a quick turn for the worst. Can you imagine putting all your energy into climbing on top of the fort,

sitting down and thinking all is right with the world,

only to look over to see your mom pushing your cousin on the swing?

That can tear a little girl up, you know.

How could her mom do that?

Even the thought of going down the slide wasn't helping in this situation.

But finally, her mom came to her rescue and everything was ok again.

That's when we decided we should call it a night, and our third party of the weekend came to an end.