Baby Shower #2

The second baby shower that Doc and I (and baby girl!) were honored at was one hosted by my coworkers.  Surprise, surprise - I forgot my camera again.  I'm going to start blaming this on pregnancy brain!  Seriously, why can't I remember to bring it with me?? With the triple shower, I was able to snag pictures of all the people, but not many of the details.  This time it's the exact opposite.  When I saw all the decorations in the room, I quickly grabbed Doc's cellphone and tried to get pictures of everything, but I have zero pictures of any people.  Shame on me!

Even though I don't have any pictures of any guests, hostesses, or me and Doc, I still wanted to post these pictures of the details.  I have to tell you that my coworkers went all out!  At our workplace, we try to have a shower for anyone getting married or welcoming a baby but they are not typically elaborate parties.  We have a conference room on our floor that we book for the last hour of the day, a few people volunteer to bring light food, and there's minimal - if any - decorations.  But, like I said, this time they went all out!  Especially when you consider they had to drag all this stuff to work and I didn't see any of it in advance!

The theme of the shower was Baby E's Sweet Shoppe.  They definitely geared it towards my wicked sweet tooth!  Here's the table that I saw when I first walked into our Boardroom.  (It wasn't even in our typical conference room location; we went to the penthouse for this shower!)

My sweet friend Allyson made the backdrop out of crepe paper.  Did you know that when you sew two streamers of it together it ruffles up like that?  I sure didn't!  She sewed lots of streamers together and then attached them from some kind of board she picked up at Home Depot.  She made the banner to go on it too, and I hear she had sneakily had our intern cutting out the letters to attach to the fabric triangles!  And all this time I thought they were over there working on Fixed Assets...

The food table was chock full of all the best sweets.  Mason jars were filled with all kinds of pink candy.

Every Sweet Shoppe needs a tray full of cookies.

There was also lots of cupcakes from my favorite local bakery - Muddy's.

On the other tables were bottle vases filled with flowers.  Maybe they've been reading my blog??

Also on the tables were the cutest bowls of ice cream I've ever seen!  This is not the best picture of one of them, but they were small plastic bowls with scoops of ice cream made out of baby onesies and blankets topped with a cherry and spoon.  Super cute!

I really, really hate that these are all the pictures I have from the shower.  I'm sure this may not seem like a big deal of a shower compared to what other workplaces do, but my friends put so much effort into this and I really hope they know how much I appreciate it.  All the little details that made it so "me" did not go unnoticed at all!  Kim and Allyson - since I know you two were probably in charge (and the only two reading this), thank you both so, so much!  Everything was perfect!

I guess I should say that while completely adorable, the decorations are not the only reason I loved the shower.  I genuinely appreciate that so many friends took time out of their day to celebrate with us and shower our baby girl with gifts.  Trust me when I say that Doc and I are very aware of how lucky we are to work with people that care about us and our little girl and her well-being.  We are so very, very grateful.