Emily Turns 30!

Way back in July, we had a surprise party for one of my besties!  How is it already the second week of September and I'm just now posting these pictures?  Geez. So Emily was turning 30 and her husband, Andrew, wanted to plan a get together in her honor.  Of course we were all glad to have an excuse to go out to dinner!  We met up at the Trolley Stop Market on a Friday night to celebrate the birthday girl.

Obviously since we were at a restaurant there was no need for lots of decorations.  Emily's sister Elizabeth brought a festive cake for us to have as dessert.

And we had festive napkins to go with it.

And hats!  It's not a birthday party without party hats!  It was required that everyone put them on before they arrived.  And since I was on the girl end of the table, I only have pictures of the girls.



After a bit of a wait, the birthday girl finally arrived!

I think we got her!


After dinner and a quick birthday song, we got to tear into that cake!

Our waitress was kind enough to take a group photo of us.

And then we tried for a goofy pose shot, but I think only a few of us got the memo.

Before leaving, I got a quick shot with the birthday girl.

And one with the hubs, too!

It was a really fun night!  Sorry it took me so long to post the pics, Em!