Baby Shower

Have I ever mentioned that I have some of the best friends ever?  Well, I do.  For lots of reasons.  But right now it's because they went all out to throw me and baby girl the sweetest baby shower! I tried to take some pictures of the details as soon as I arrived so I wouldn't forget anything.  Here's the food table that was full of delicious snacks!

The chandelier above it was draped in pink.

Pink M&Ms and fresh flowers were also scattered around the house.


My hostesses, Allison and Jenny (and Kendra who couldn't be there!), manned their station and served up punch.  I wasted no time getting the food line started and filling up my plate.  (Some of these pictures I stole from Allison.)


The coffee table was full of presents!

Luckily, I brought the perfect little helper to assist me in getting through them all.

Brennie was on a mission to go through them as quickly as possible!  Occasionally, we had to take breaks to stop and actually look at the gifts.

After opening all the wonderful gifts, we headed over to the dessert table that Allison had set up.  Before cutting into the cake, I took a picture with my hostesses.

Speaking of cake, just look at it!  Isn't it gorgeous?!  Allison has mad skills.

I should've known it wouldn't be just a plain cake.  When Allison cut into it, we saw that it had 3 different flavored layers!  It was a neopolitan cake with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry layers.  There was a layer of preserves too!

Here's my sweet niece, Bren, waiting for her piece of cake.

Before the party ended, I got a picture with some of my girlfriends that were there.  Thank you all for sharing your Sunday with me and for spoiling my sweet baby!

As everyone left, they got to take home one of these sweet favors: lip gloss in "Baby Lips" color.

The party was perfect.  Thank you, Jenny, Allison, and Kendra, for all you did to make me feel so special!