Still Preggo

I'm so behind on blogging I don't even know where to begin!  I have so much to share and really hope to get caught up on everything in the next few days.  (Surely now that I typed that I'll have to stick to it...) First major update?  I'm still pregnant.  I hesitate to say I'm over it because I really need this little girl to stay put for a few more weeks, but yea, I'm kinda over it.  Does that make me a bad mom already? 

As usual, let's do this update bullet-point style.

  • As I write, I am 36 weeks plus 4 days pregnant.  I am now having weekly doctor's appointments and this week's was the first one where I got checked.  Fun!  So far, no progress has been made towards her arrival, so hopefully we're on track for her to stay put until closer to her due date.  I gained 2 more pounds (up to about 34 total pounds gained at this point).  My doctor thinks she's probably weighing around 6 pounds right now and would like for her to get up to at least 7.5 before she arrives.  My beta strep test came back negative so no antibiotics for me.  Hooray!
  • Sleep is no longer fun.  I just can't get comfortable and by the time I do, I have to get up for a bathroom break.  I think I get up at least 5 times a night, if not more.  It's starting to get old.  Also, in our new house, our bedroom is really, really dark at night so I've run into lots of doors and walls trying to find my way around.  I'm thinking we need to invest in a night light.
  • Lately I've also been having some acid reflux (or heartburn? or something?) that is no fun at all.  It's usually just at night so I'm sure it's not as bad as it could be, but still.  It's a pain.
  • I've had the luxury of getting to wear comfy, casual clothes to work all summer.  Next week we switch back to business casual, though, and I'm already worried about what I'll wear.  I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes at this point.  Let's just hope I can find some pants that aren't jeans that somewhat fit.  I may have to wear the same pair everyday!
  • Speaking of work, I'm terrified of my water breaking while I'm there.  Please pray that that doesn't happen!
  • The nursery is coming along.  There are still several things to do before it's done, but I hope to put a big dent in those projects over the long weekend.  I'm so eager to show it to you, though!  Hopefully soon.
  • Also on this weekend's agenda?  Packing my bag and installing the car seat.
  • We've been showered and blessed with so many gifts!  I've started doing loads of tiny pink laundry and getting her closet set up.  I can't wait to play dress up with my little girl!
  • Car update: I traded my MINI for my mom's 2005 Lexus SUV.  So, we officially have a car that a carseat will fit in.  Hooray!  We made an even swap of the cars and then my dad traded in my MINI to get my mom a fancy new car.  It was a perfect scenario: I got a bigger car, my mom got a sweet new ride, and my dad got the car payment. :)
  • Baby girl has started getting the hiccups.  It's funny and annoying all at the same time! 
  • Mama girl just keeps getting more zits.  I know, gross, but it's true.  My poor husband gets to rub alcohol on my neck and back each night, taking our marriage to a whole new level.  Sure hope he still loves me when this is all over!
  • Per your recommendations, I made a hair appointment!  Tomorrow morning I will finally be getting some professional help!  (Don't judge, but I think it's been almost a whole year since I've seen my stylist.)
  • Last week I attended a 2-hour Baby Basics class to learn about, well, the basics.  Some stuff we learned is good to know - like how to care for the umbilical cord.  Other stuff I could've probably done without.  Like, did you know a baby can be born with teeth already in its mouth?  Weird.

And just like that, I've  hit a wall.  I can't think of any other updates!  What am I forgetting?

I'll be back with more blog posts soon.  Promise!